45+ Best Minimalist Business Cards Design Template & Inspiration

Best Minimalist Business Cards Design Template & Inspiration

Minimalist Business Cards Designs are getting high in demand because an effective business card is really a great way to impress your client. Having a good eye catching business card is a important part of branding. There are so many design and templates are available on internet. But i have collected some best Minimalist Business cards design and templates for your inspirational ideas. Recommended : 215+ Free Psd Mockups

Check out These Beautiful cards Download your favorite Cards Template. and do share you views in comments. I will try my best to keep this post updated with more clean simple cards mockups.

Best Minimalist Business Card Designs Ideas

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01, Self Promotion business card

I liked the idea of a signature indicating that I am proud of my work, and willing to put my name to it. The bright yellow color signifies a fresh designer, soon out of university, and one that would stand out amongst the crowd.

Self Promotion 2

02, Self Promotion Minimalist Business Card

Self Promotion

03, Stephen De Wolf

Simple vertical business card design idea.

Stephen De Wolf

04, New business cards Design by Lagoo

New business cards by Lagoo

05, Minimalist Business Card by Mihai Ursu

Just a minimalist business card I created for Graphic River

Minimalist Business Card by Mihai Ursu

06, Miranda Sehl

Miranda Sehl

07, Minimalistic


08, Lines & Dots by Melody Shar

Lines Dots by Melody Shar

09, Elizabeth Maybury

Elizabeth Maybury

10, Candy Gibbs

Candy Gibbs

11, Colin Tierney

Colin Tierney

12, Brilliant Edge

Brilliant Edge

13, B/&W/ONI


14, 21 Degrees

21 Degrees

15, AK Business Card Design

AK Business Card Design

16, Valencia by ANZPIXEL

alencia by ANZPIXEL

17, Personal business card

Best Minimalist Business Cards Design Template & Inspiration

18, Anatas


19, Brown Kraft Business Cards

Brown Kraft Business Cards

20, Bhootan


21, Austin Neill

Austin Neill

22, Anthewood Furniture

Anthewood Furniture

23, Business Card Design by Martina Obertová

Business Card Design by Martina Obertová

24, Coma Minimal

Coma Minimal

25, Dokomo Motors

Dokomo Motors

26, Gabbie Lee

Gabbie Lee

27, Fuse – Minimalistic Business Card


28, Eura Nova

Eura Nova

29, Dphotofolio


30, Handmade Cafe

Handmade Cafe

31, Jason O. Stevens

Jason O. Stevens

32, Kelly Kirlin

Kelly Kirlin

33, Kira Smith

Kira Smith

34, Leanne Kawahigashi

Leanne Kawahigashi

35, Minimalist


36, Mid Century Modern Business Cards

Mid Century Modern Business Cards

37, Liberty Manufacturing

Liberty Manufacturing

38, Natalie Booth

Natalie Booth

39, O2 Fitness

O2 Fitness

40, Self Identity

Self Identity

41, Rich McNabb

Rich McNabb

42, Restaurant Branding

Restaurant Branding

43, Pitted Cherries

Pitted Cherries

44, Tordai Law Office

Tordai Law Office

45, Wildorb



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