Jean-Claude Van Damme Stunt Was Real or Not

Jean-Claude Van Damme Stunt Was Real or not

Since Jean Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split went viral this week. it was released on Nov. 13, is up to 8.2 million views on YouTube. Many commenters have wonderd whether the stunt is real.

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The Company told the Wall Street journal.

[quote]”The stunt is real and is performed in just one take,” said Anders Vilhelmsson, public relations manager for the Volvo Trucks brand. “It’s a daring stunt but we had full control. There was never any real danger involved.”[/quote]

Than How was it done? well Van Damme was actually connected to safety lines that you can not be seen in the video. Small platforms on the trucks’ side mirrors also propped up Van Damme’s feet.

The Previous Video by Volvo was “The Ballerina Stunt” has received 7.4 million views since.

See The Previous Video The Ballerina Stunt

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