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The Tree House

23 Amazing and Cool Tree House Designs

No matter whatever age you are. One look at these Amazing and Cool Tree House Designs and you’ll realize that you’re never too old to live out your childhood dreams. Don’t Miss To See These Links 15 Small Modren Home Design Ideas 15 …
Spectacular Andrew Road House In Singapore

Spectacular Andrew Road House In Singapore

Whether you have a thing for minimal architecture, or you’re a designer looking for inspiration, the Andrew Road House in Singapore will be a joy to your eyes. It is a strikingly modern residence where aggressive geometric shapes of the exterior correspond …


This sustainable floating house is Designed by Singapore-based architect Dymitr Malcew, It is the perfect way to get away from all the daily stresses, it must be a great experiences living in an urban environment. This house literally floats on the water, …
Minimalistic House in Ahlen, Germany

Minimalist House in Ahlen, Germany

Now a days usually people like minimalistic architecture, you will certainly be awed by this house built in Ahlen, Germany. It is a private two-storey residence that represents classic and universal approach to design – the combination of black and white. It …

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