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23 Amazing and Cool Tree House Designs

Tree House Designs

No matter whatever age you are. One look at these Amazing and Cool Tree House Designs and you’ll realize that you’re never too old to live out your childhood dreams.

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TreeHouse Designs

Tree House Designs
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Tree House Designs
This intricate cocoon sits at the trunk of mighty hemlock. Rookie builder Joel Allen made it from $10,000 worth of free materials he found on Craigslist.
homes are complex spaces that wrap around the natural architecture of trees image © anders birch
The existing building in Florida, USA, this already ‘lost’ the same tree. Go back in time with this Victorian-style treehouse.
This modern home boasts a sophisticated design with the playful elements that make a treehouse. Open to the elements, there’s no better place to be one with nature.
Located in Kaikoura, New Zealand, Hapaku’s treehouses are perched a lofty 30 feet above the ground, affording guests magnificent and uninterrupted views of the Kaikoura mountains and the Pacific coast. It’s the best of both worlds, a return to nature combined with all the modern conveniences you’d expect from a luxury vacation. Plus — you get to sleep in a treehouse!
TreeHouse in Seattle, USA This treehouse feels as though you are literally stepping into a fairy tale, particularly given the rope bridge leading to its doorstep.
Why settle for one story, when you could have three? This treehouse is said to be the tallest in British Colombia, Canada, and maybe found somewhere near Revelstoke.
This treehouse breaks down the feeling of separation that exists between humans and nature (designed by Takashi Kobayashi).
This treehouse is a mix of both minimalism and fantasy, with the interior being a simple, modern room, but the exterior looks like it’s been taken out of a page from a fairy tale.
For travelers longing to recapture treehouses and days of youth, there’s ample opportunity at the Tree Hotel cabins in Harads, Sweden. Each cabin is 4-6 meters above the ground and suspended in the treetops of the pine forest. The treehouses have a bathroom, a living room, a roof terrace, and room for two to four guests; the tree sauna, however, has space for up to twelve. Rates at the Tree Hotel vary with the season but check your bank account before you book: a weekend for two can run over £700. For a cheaper – and equally odd – option, try the orb-shaped treehouses at Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum Beach, Canada for just $145/night.
Designed by Lukasz Kos, 4Treehouse is constructed around four trees over Lake Muskoka in Ontario, Canada, and floats in the air like a big Japanese lantern on stilts.
This restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, offers you an amazing dining experience: the restaurant seems to be organically wrapped around the tree and is able to host up to 18 guests at a time. (Designed by: Peter Eising & Lucy Gauntlett)
Built with vision and engineering, these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope. They occupy a truly unique place in the world and provide a habitat for the un-tamed spirit that exists in us all.
A modern treehouse concept by Nendo offers you the possibility to peek into the private life of birds. Divided into two parts by a wall with little peek holes, it allows people to see what the birds are doing on the other side of their wall. (Designed by: Nendo)
The Swedish Tree Hotel decided to go in a totally different direction after building a Bird Nest tree house and built this UFO treehouse.
This sculptural tree house in Belgium was made for the art festival TRACK: A Contemporary City Conversion, and is a miniature version of the houses behind it. (Designed by: Benjamin Verdonck)
Almost invisible and perfect for hiding, the Mirror House is part of the Tree Hotel project in the North of Sweden. As cool as it looks, we’re afraid the house may be invisible to birds. (Designed by: Tham & Videgard)

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