Explore Modern Trends: Double Charge Tiles for Commercial Spaces

Double Charge Tiles for Commercial Spaces

If you are someone who is exploring different tile options for installing in your commercial spaces, we have the perfect recommendation for you. These are double charge tiles, one of the most durable and sturdy tiles and the best fit for your commercial spaces.

Before we dive into the major trends observed in the double charge tiles. Let’s first clear out the basics and understand what double charge tiles are and why these are the best fit for your commercial space installation.

What are double charge tiles? 

While manufacturing these double charge tiles, two layers are pressed together, the top layer forms the design and usually 3-4mm thick, the bottom layer is the base. They are named double charge as moulds are charged twice with feeders attached to the hydraulic press.

This dual layer adds to the strength and extra durability of these double charge tiles and further makes them sustain a high-traffic as well without being damaged. Additionally, these tiles are scratch, stain resistant and do not fade away easily.

Owing to these qualities mentioned above, these double charge tiles are said to be the perfect fit for installing in a commercial space. Furthermore, these are available in various designs and colors for you to choose from.

Why Install Double Charge Tiles?

Having discussed the basics of double charge tiles, here are some of the most common advantages or benefits of installing these double charge tiles in your commercial space.

  • Sustain hi-traffic

Double charge tiles can easily sustain heavy to moderate foot traffic and are suitable for installation in a high to moderate traffic area such as a commercial space.

  • High durability

The dual layer of porcelain makes these tiles more durable as compared to other tiles.

  • Sustainable

These tiles are more sustainable as compared to other tiles as these are exposed to dual layers of porcelain which makes them durable. Due to this these tiles last for a longer period of time without any repair.

  • Thickness

These tiles are extra thick due to the two layers fused together and contributes to the strength of these tiles.

  • Stain Free

These double charge tiles are stain free and make them perfect fit for your commercial space as they are more resistant to any kinds of stain and keep the tiles clean for a longer period of time.

  • Scratch resistant

The double charge tiles have a hard surface which can sustain normal scratches and can sustain any kind of scratches for a longer period of time, without any signs of wear and tear.

Moving on, here are some of the trends that you can explore for installing double charge tiles in your commercial space.

Trends to Follow

Among various trends available in the market for tiles in commercial spaces, we have listed out some of the most trending double charge tiles trends that you can explore for installing in your commercial space.

  • Non-glazed tiles

Double charge tiles don’t have any glazing or layering on them. However, these are the best options to be installed for commercial floors. These tiles can be installed in different areas of your commercial space and can elevate the ambience of your place with installation. These are available in both matt and glossy finish to be chosen as per your preference.

Furthermore, these are available in different finishes as well to further make your place appear enhanced. Here you can pick a design of your choice and get these tiles printed as well.

  • Monochromatic tiles

Another trend that has been observed in double charge tiles is installing monochromatic tiles for creating an even and comfortable environment. This allows you to make the place appear warm, welcoming and comfortable. This is the perfect ambience that you can create for your commercial space. It will further add a contrasting element in your space making it aesthetically pleasing.

  • Marble finish tiles

Installing marble finish tiles is one of the most observed trends that you can explore for your commercial space. Installing these tiles will provide your place a luxurious touch and make it appear fancy, and elegant.

  • Large format tiles

Installing large format double charge tiles has been an everlasting trend. In the majority of commercial spaces you can find large tiles. The reason being these are cost effective as less number of tiles are required to cover the space. Secondly, these are easy to install, clean and are low maintenance. Additionally, installing large format tiles can make your space appear more open, attractive and breathable.

You can explore the large format tiles by H&R Johnson in their Johnson Marbonite collection for more options. Here you will find a large variety of double charge tiles in large format such as 80X160 cm, 60X120 cm size apart from the regular size of 80x80cm & 60x60cm.

  • Matt finish tiles

The last trend that you can explore is installing matt finish tiles. These tiles are most suitable for high traffic areas as these won’t fade away easily and are highly durable, sustainable and are easy to clean, with low maintenance. Furthermore, these tiles are anti-skid, scratch resistant, and stain resistant as well, making them a perfect fit for the commercial space installation.

Concluding the Discussion

Having discussed the various options available in the double charge tiles, the above listed trend can offer you the best look for your space. The key thing to keep under consideration is that you need to pick the right manufacturer for these high quality tiles.

H&R Johnson is one of the leading and best manufacturers of tiles in the country. With H&R Johnson you can find a wide range of double charge tiles as well as other options that can be installed in your commercial space as well as other spaces.

Furthermore these tiles are highly durable, available in a wide range of options and designs. You can also visit the experience center established by the brand to explore the wide range of designs and witness the best quality by yourself. Additionally, these experience centers are established across the country at easily accessible locations for the customers to have a better experience of the high quality products.

You can visit these experience centers and explore the wide range of products by yourself and pick the right fit for your space as per your preference.

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