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10 Awesome YouTube Channels to Help Kids Learn Coding

In this age of technology, Coding has evolved into an important skill and the introduction of children to programming as early as they can could be both educative and fun. YouTube is a great source of content, and with its wide variety of content, acts as a fantastic source for kids to learn about the world of programming.

We present an organized list of 10 amazing YouTube channels that provide engaging and educational content that can aid kids in learning the basics of coding.

1. Derek Banas:

Derek Banas’ YouTube channel is an excellent source of coding tutorials that cover a variety of different programming languages. His concise and clear explanations make complicated concepts understandable for children. Beginning with Python to JavaScript Derek’s tutorials are an excellent foundation for the youngest coders.

2. freeCodeCamp:

It is known for its dedication to offering an education in coding that is free CodeCamp’s YouTube channel expands its mission to kids. The channel provides Coding tutorials and activities that are appropriate for children and introduces students to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and beyond. The interactive challenges encourage active learning.

3. Learnwebcode:


Learnwebcode run by Chris Sean, is an excellent resource for children who want to learn more about web development. The channel offers lessons covering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with responsive web design. Chris’s lively teaching style and examples of practical use help students understand the concepts of coding enjoyable.

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4. DevTips:

DevTips which is run by Travis Neilson, is an inspirational YouTube channel that explores the web development world. The channel is geared towards beginners. channel provides information on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript giving information on how to build stunning and engaging websites. Kids can take part in programming projects and even tasks.

5. The Coding Train:
The Coding Train

The show is hosted by Daniel Shiffman, The Coding Train is a lively and entertaining channel for children who are interested in programming. Daniel’s engaging coding challenges as well as humorous projects make learning the basics of coding enjoyable. The channel covers topics such as p5.js Processing, p5.js, and many more.

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6. Programming using Mosh:

Programming with Mosh provides comprehensive tutorials on different programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, and others. Mosh Hamedani’s concise explanations and organized method make programming concepts easy to comprehend for children. The channel also discusses topics such as web development and game development.

7. Thenewboston:

With an extensive collection of programming tutorials, Thenewboston covers a broad range of technologies and languages. Although the channel isn’t intended for kids, however, its content is for beginners, and numerous programming topics are accessible to youngsters who want to expand their programming skills.

8. programming knowledge:ProgrammingKnowledge

ProgrammingKnowledge is focused on making programming accessible to novices, including youngsters. The channel covers a variety of programming languages and techniques including tutorials, and practical coding exercises. The content is simple to understand which makes it ideal for young students.

9. Treehouse:

Treehouse has a playlist specifically for children that includes instructions for coding step-by-step in a variety of languages. With a focus on developing practical abilities, Treehouse encourages interactive learning by creating coding projects and challenges. The platform covers subjects like gaming development web design and much more.

10. The Net Ninja:

Net Ninja Net Ninja provides in-depth coding tutorials, focusing primarily on web development technology. The playlists of the channel contain HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and much more, taking children in the art of creating sites and web apps.


The 10 YouTube channels listed below provide an engaging and diverse education for children who are interested in learning about coding. They can choose to become web developers or gamers, or would like to discover the fascinating possibilities of programming, the channels give the resources and instruction needed to spark a love of programming in the minds of young children.

Since coding skills are becoming increasingly useful in the modern world teaching children about coding by using these fun and accessible YouTube channels is an important step toward empowering the next generation of tech-savvy youngsters.

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