Google Bard: Powerful Prompts and Creative Possibilities

Maximize Google Bard's Potential with Seven Valuable Prompts for Productivity, Creativity, and Beyond

Google Bard: Powerful Prompts and Creative Possibilities

Generative and conversational AI are currently gaining significant attention. While ChatGPT is often the initial choice that comes to mind in the AI domain, Google is determined not to lag with Bard.

Despite its impressive capabilities, Google Bard, like any AI, relies on the effectiveness of your prompts. As formidable as Bard is, it doesn’t possess mind-reading capabilities (at least not at the moment), so providing it with precise questions and prompts is essential to achieving the desired outcomes.

Rest assured, we’ll guide you through seven valuable prompts to maximize the potential of Google Bard. Let these prompts serve as your starting point, and feel free to explore the creative possibilities offered by Bard.

Initially, I devised a list of useful Bard prompts and then considered asking Bard to assist me in brainstorming the article. However, I hesitated, as that might lead to an article within an article, akin to Inception, potentially causing an internet upheaval. Nevertheless, I did employ the prompt “Help me come up with an idea for an article about useful Bard prompts” to compare Bard’s suggestions with my choices. It’s debatable whether my list surpasses the one Bard generated about itself.

Bard’s recommendations include phrases like “Boost your productivity,” “Unleash your creativity,” and “Fuel your learning,” which may sound more like a Bard sales pitch than an actual list of functionalities. However, delving deeper into these subcategories unveils some valuable insights.

For instance, the “Boost your productivity” section suggests highlighting prompts useful for generating email responses, meeting agendas, social media posts, or presentations. It emphasizes showcasing how Bard can streamline workflows and save time.

Manage your schedule

Bard is more than willing to assist you in handling the demands of your busy life through schedule-management prompts. According to Bard, it “can help you keep track of important appointments, deadlines, and tasks, ensuring you stay organized and efficient.”

To gain insight into Bard’s capabilities, simply say, “Help me manage my schedule,” and the AI will guide you on the necessary information it requires to commence scheduling tasks. It will inquire about your current schedule-management tools, your objectives, and the typical structure of your week.

To test Bard’s functionality, I instructed it to remind me to write an article about Bard in five minutes, and it promptly fulfilled the reminder.

Impressively, Bard went a step further by offering additional assistance, suggesting it could “perhaps gather some resources for your article or jot down some initial ideas.” This display of excellent contextual awareness showcases Bard’s ability to understand specific requests, as I had initially asked for a reminder related to writing an article.

Get a summary of just about any document

You can task Bard with summarizing a wide range of content, spanning from lengthy documents to complete books. Recently, having finished the horror novel “My Heart is a Chainsaw,” I enlisted Bard to craft a book summary for me.

A simple prompt like “Summarize My Heart is a Chainsaw” allowed Bard to provide a concise overview of the plot without divulging spoilers. However, it’s essential to note that the summary reads more like a promotional pitch for the book and does not serve as a substitute for actually reading it.

To address this limitation, I directed Bard to “Summarize My Heart is a Chainsaw with plot spoilers,” and it was precisely delivered.

Bard shared insights into the overall plot, including a summary of the book’s climax. Notably, it initiated the response with a thoughtful spoiler warning, ensuring that anyone encountering my question would be alerted to avoid potential spoilers.


Indeed, while Google Translate is a robust language translation tool, Google Bard performs a similar task, providing not only translations but also additional information in a conversational manner. When I requested Bard to translate “Pocket-lint is the best tech site” into French, it promptly responded with “Pocket-lint est le meilleur site de technologie.”

Intriguingly, the entire response was in French, making any supplementary context from Bard unclear. In contrast, using Google Translate, the same phrase translated to “Pocket-Lint est le meilleur site Web technologique.”

Upon clicking the Draft button, I could view the context in English, allowing me to comprehend the response. Bard presented three distinct translations that altered the tone and context, showcasing a level of utility not commonly found in other translation tools.

Research various topics

For virtually any inquiry, Bard can assist you with research, covering a broad spectrum of topics. Whether you’re engaged in a school paper or simply seeking more information on a subject, Bard proves to be a valuable tool for acquiring extensive knowledge.

You can commence with overarching questions like “Tell me about golf” and subsequently delve into specific aspects to enhance your understanding. Follow-up inquiries such as “Where was golf invented?” or “Who wrote the golf rule book?” allow you to refine your focus.

In the case of golf, Bard provides a wealth of details encompassing various facets of the sport, including equipment and courses, enabling you to further narrow down your exploration. Additionally, Bard suggests exploring “many resources available online and in libraries” and seeking “lessons from a professional golfer” to augment your research.

Plan your meals

In a rather unconventional capacity, Bard can assist you in crafting meal plans for the week, accommodating various dietary restrictions. Initiating the process with “Help me plan my meals,” Bard prompts for additional details, such as dietary preferences, likes and dislikes, the number of people you’re catering to, and more. As an added benefit, Bard imparts general meal-planning tips to aid you in getting started.

Supplying Bard with the necessary information guides you in determining cost-effective and nutritious meal choices for the week.

For instance, I enlisted Bard’s help in planning a meal centered around buffalo chicken, responding to its inquiries regarding preferred spice levels, cooking methods, and so forth. Subsequently, Bard presented several recipes for buffalo chicken-based meals, all of which appeared promising.

Write poems, songs, and more

Harnessing the capabilities of Google Bard, I seamlessly melded two of my passions: the deathcore subgenre in heavy metal and golf. With a straightforward prompt, “Write me a deathcore song about golf,” Bard conjured up intense lyrics that transform golf into a riveting and high-stakes game. One can easily tweak the prompt, perhaps to “craft a haiku about cheese,” and witness the unique output Bard generates.

In the deathcore rendition, poignant lines such as “Par’s a prison, fairway’s a grave, driver’s a scythe, swing it to rave” and “Putters crack skulls with sickening crunch, chippers shred flesh with each bloody lunch” vividly showcase Bard’s creative prowess, demonstrating the depth of ingenuity achievable when crafting lyrics that could rival the work of artists like Will Ramos or Tom Barber.

Google Bard: Powerful Prompts and Creative Possibilities

Google Bard, an AI assistant, can enhance your productivity by generating useful content based on prompts. Here are six Google Bard prompts to try and supercharge your workflows:

Meeting Agenda:

Prompt: “Create a comprehensive meeting agenda for the team gathering tomorrow.”
Bard can structure an agenda with key points and topics for discussion, saving you time and ensuring a well-organized meeting.

Product Ideas:

Prompt: “Generate innovative ideas for our next product launch.”
Bard can provide creative suggestions and concepts, sparking inspiration for your upcoming product initiatives.

Content Outline:

Prompt: “Outline a blog post about the future of AI in [your industry].”
Bard can help structure the main points and sections for your blog post, streamlining the content creation process.

Project Update Email:

Prompt: “Compose a concise email updating the team on the current project status.”
Bard can generate a clear and informative email summarizing the project’s progress, making communication more efficient.

Learning Plan:

Prompt: “Develop a learning plan for mastering [a skill or topic of your choice].”
Bard can outline a personalized learning path, suggesting resources and milestones to help you acquire new skills effectively.

Social Media Posts:

Prompt: “Create engaging social media posts for our upcoming product launch.”
Bard can generate catchy and informative posts tailored for various platforms, enhancing your social media marketing efforts.

Experiment with these prompts to explore the capabilities of Google Bard and integrate AI assistance into your daily workflows.

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