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Integration of Document Management and AP Automation

Integration of Document Management and AP Automation

The accounts payable automation system has become immensely popular in today’s times. Most businesses are switching to the accounts payable automation system to level up their business profit. In this context, document management is extremely important for every business organization.

The integration of the document management system and the accounts payable automation system has proved to be advantageous for the functioning of business organizations.

The AP automation set-up has several other responsibilities, like- cash flow management, setting reminders for timely payments to the suppliers, generating invoices, strengthening the business relationship with the vendors, and many more. The companies have shifted their preference towards the accounts payable system to enhance the workflow of their organization.

Document management is an aspect of business that cannot be seen with any less importance than invoicing and other functions. In most cases, old documents are lost, misplaced, or deliberately terminated. All of these troubles can be solved by integrating the document management function with the AP system.

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What are some of the features you should consider before selecting an AP platform?

Before choosing the right AP system for your business, you should check if the system provides some of the below-stated features-

  1. Advanced searching options – An AP solution must provide features of full-text searching and filtering. Without these features, it becomes extremely difficult to find records of invoices, purchase orders, and others. It saves a lot of time, which would have otherwise gone in the manual searching.
  2. Configurable Indexing – This method enhances the possibility of indexing the documents and arranging them accordingly. Each organization can have indexing based on their business goals and their EPR system. This makes it easier to manage important documents based on certain parameters.
  3. Advanced security measures – You should always check if the AP automation system complies with your company policies. The AP system manages several sensitive documents. Advanced security measures must safeguard the authenticity of the information handled.

Why is the integration of document management vital in AP automation?

The integration of document management is important for accounts payable systems for several reasons. Some of them are-

  1. Collection of data with accuracy – Several reports like expense reports, purchase requisitions, and others are usually collected manually in most business organizations. Through the AP automation system, business organizations can generate, manage, and store electronic versions of the reports in a particular location, which can be easily accessible to the workers of an organization. This eases the process of generation, approval, and tracking of the records and minimizes the errors of manual collection of data. This will help in saving a huge portion of your productive time.
  2. It eases the preparation for your audit – A document management solution helps in preparing an organization for the nitty-gritty of your business. It records all of your business data and financial transactions, such as invoices, receipts, and purchase orders. It keeps track of them in an accessible manner, which helps in presenting the data in times of audit. The integrated document management system helps in storing payment details in particular indexes, which can later be searched whenever you want them. In times of auditing, you can present the data by accessing it from a specific location through a simple search.
  3. Improving the relationship with vendors – Firm communication is necessary to maintain a firm relationship with your vendors. This aspect can be strengthened by integrating document management with the AP automation system. The faster the process of accessing invoices, purchasing orders, and contracts, the better the relationship with your vendors. The suppliers will benefit from the faster information. The document management system with AP automation, thus, helps in maintaining the important documents and eases your organizational functioning.


AP automation is a system that helps simplify your business functioning. Manual labor that is susceptible to error can be easily substituted with an automated system. The computerized system will not only save your time but also save a major business expenditure. When document management is integrated into the accounts payable automation system, it becomes even easier to manage your business documents and makes every transaction transparent and error-free. The automation system ensures huge accuracy and efficiency in your business operations.

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