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Maximum Market Mobility with React Native App Development

Maximum market mobility with React Native app development

Android or iOS? The latest figures are in, and in 2023 it’s roughly evenly split. iOS usage claims an ever so slight edge, with 55% of the market, leaving Android a step behind at 45%. What is evident, and has been for some time, is the prevalence of internet users who are doing digital things on the go.

Whether it’s for browsing or buying, communicating, or careering, 91% of global users access the internet via their smartphones. This makes the development of software applications for mobile devices very very important.

As with all development streams, there’s an expanding language of technologies and tools to choose from, some of which are better suited to the task than others. React Native, whilst not a new player in the mobile app development field, is still a strong favorite amongst developers worldwide.

Follow the footsteps of tech’s brightest, and decide to hire React Native app development agency talent for your mobile applications a top priority in 2023 and beyond.

Moravio React Native development agency is unique. It’s a bespoke arm of React Native developer specialists in one of the tech world’s most highly regarded software and digital solutions firms. Within the tech industry, Moravio has gained a firm reputation as a transnational force for high-level, project-diverse, full-scale development.

The company has so far delivered hundreds of high-performing software projects for a wide range of brands and services. It has won the respect of clients, as evidenced by a repeat custom rate of 90%, and the acclaim of industry insiders, with its inclusion in Clutch’s top 100 fastest-growth B2B companies.

Moravio is a remote-first development firm. A key advantage to this structure is that the company has recruited an employee force consisting of software professionals from a wide variety of geographical locations.

With all Moravio recruits bringing technical talent, industry ingenuity, and collaborative capacity to the table, the company takes all the guesswork and stress out of hiring development expertise. This company structure also enables clients from anywhere to access Moravio’s top-level capable and creative crew.


Software design can be a laborious, and therefore costly, process for both developer and client. Moravio hired React Native development teams to streamline the workflow and cut down on costs. Ultimately, the company delivers full-scale development that is affordable and executed promptly.

The key to Moravio’s lower-cost, high-speed project delivery is its scalable team structure, whereby roles are recruited and relinquished from a team according to the task. This means a client is never paying for redundant expertise, or doubling up on duties with unnecessary hires.

A project manager oversees the collaborative and agile development process, reporting to the client and ensuring that all work remains true to the initial aims.

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Moravio custom recruit development teams also keep costs down by committing to React Native as their application development framework of choice. React Native has an inbuilt cross-platform flexibility whereby developers can create iOS and Android apps from a single codebase.

The time and cost savings inherent in this hybridity are considerable. As mobile market share statistics strongly urge equal investment in iOS and Android app versions, React Native recommends itself as an obvious development choice.

The tech world is characterized by its furtive and transformative nature. Never sitting still, always evolving, it’s driven by products that need to be as fast-paced and innovative as their creators. Prepare to scale your business into tomorrow and provide the highest performance apps for your customer base, whatever their mobile of choice, with Moravio React Native app development excellence.

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