Step-by-Step Guide to Add Clock Screensaver to Windows PC and Mac

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Clock Screensaver to Windows PC and Mac

Do you ever step away from your desktop or workstation for extended periods? What will you do if you don’t want other guys to know what you are doing? Some people may set their computers to sleep mode, and some may shut them down. Is there a way to keep your computer screen always on while protecting your privacy? The answer is yes. Using a clock screensaver can solve the issue perfectly.

In this post, I will share a step-by-step guide to help you add a clock screensaver or desktop wall clock to your Windows and mac computers. Follow our guide to learn the tutorial and set up a functional device screen saver.

Why is a Clock Screensaver/Wallpaper Necessary?

Why is a Clock Screensaver Wallpaper Necessary

A clock wallpaper or clock screensaver can help you manage your time conveniently. It displays time in an easy-to-read format and prevents you from frequently checking the time in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

Though Windows and Mac have their system tray clock, it’s small. The default time clock is not friendly to users who want to track their time and stay on schedule. A clock app such as Flip Clocker can turn your desktop into a larger clock displaying time on full screen.

If you are sick of the computer’s system clock, why not try a third-party clock screensaver application to check the time on your desktop?

Free Clock Screensaver for Mac

Flip Clocker Overview

Flip Clocker Overview

FlipClocker is a sleek and minimalist desktop clock that functions as a countdown timer and a flip clock to display time with animations. Its simple design and excellent customization features make it the ideal option for anyone who wants to make their mac’s desktop personalized and stylish.

Users can set up the flip clocker as their mac screensaver for free. Registration and subscription are unnecessary so that everyone can use this clock without risks. It offers many fantastic features to customize your desktops, such as font, text, color, background, sound, and white noise. In addition, you can also use it as a countdown and timing tool to record and track your time on some specific activities, such as reading and cooking.

Another best part is its compatibility. This flip clock screensaver supports the web, IOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. You can use it online or offline to manage your time effectively. Compared to the traditional clock app, It retains simplicity and aesthetics, making your screen a beautiful and animated wallpaper.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Desktop Clock to Your Mac  

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Desktop Clock to Your Mac  

Step 1: Get the Flip Clocker Mac Version from the Mac Store. Note that your system should be 11.0 or later.

Step 2: Download the flip clocker and install it on your mac computer following the software’s instructions.

Step 3: Doubt-click the app icon and apply it as a clock screensaver on your mac. Click the “full screen” button if you want a full-screen clock on your desktop.

Step 4: The default settings of the flip clock app might not suit your preferences, so you can make your clock unique. Use the built-in customization tools to change the background, font, and color of the text, add fun sound effects, and even display or hide the date info on the screen. It’s your clock, so make it truly unique!

Highlights of Flip Clocker

Highlights of Flip Clocker

  • Easy to download and install.
  • Simple interface and beautiful clock backgrounds.
  • Support switch between flip clock and analog clock.
  • Allows users to apply sound to the flipping animations.
  • Support time display in full screen.
  • Offers multiple features to customize your clock.
  • A lightweight lock screen saver that does not take up too much storage space on your computer.

Free Clock Screensaver for Windows

Fliqlo Overview:

Fliqlo Overview

Fliqlo is a desktop clock screensaver application that displays a simple flip clock on your desktop or laptop screen. It is available for both Mac and Windows platforms and is a popular choice among users who want to add a retro feel to their display.

Fliqlo works by running in the background and activating the flip clock screensaver after a set amount of time. The screensaver displays a digital clock with flip-style numbers that change every minute, giving the appearance of an old-fashioned mechanical clock.

One of the highlights of Fliqlo is its simplicity and customization options. Users can choose from various clock styles and adjust the size and position of the screensaver on their display. Additionally, Fliqlo is a lightweight application that does not consume significant system resources, making it an ideal choice for users who want to add a visually appealing screensaver without sacrificing system performance.

Fliqlo Highlights:

  • Shows time in large white numerals against a black background.
  • Allows users to scale the clock appearance to fit their screens.
  • Keeps active as a lock screen saver when your computer is idle.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Supports adjusting the brightness of the clock’s interface.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Desktop Clock to Windows

Step 1: Go to Fliqlo’s website to download the Windows version. To run Fliqlo on your computer normally, your system should be Windows 10/8.1. And you should have a good internet connection.

Step 2: Once you download the app, extract the file. Then right-click the file “Fliqlo.scr” and select “Install” to make it your default screensaver.

Step 3: Press Win + I on your keyboard and go to the Screensaver settings panel, where you can add a background, scale the clock layout, adjust the brightness, etc.

Fliqlo vs. Flip Clocker: Which Desktop Clock is Better

Fliqlo vs. Flip Clocker: Which Desktop Clock is Better

Both Fliqlo and Flip Clocker offer simple yet elegant designs that display time with flipping animations. But there are some differences between the two clock screensaver applications. Flipqlo is much more well-known than Flip Clocker because it was launched a long ago. And it supports more platforms, including ios, android, windows, and mac.

But when it comes to customization features, Flip Clocker is a better choice. Fliqlo only offers fundamental features for customization. Creating a stylish and beautiful desktop clock using Fliqlo can be challenging. However, Flip Clocker provides various features that allow you to customize your desktop clock to the maximum extent possible.

With Flip Clocker, you can create a clock that matches your style by adjusting the text’s color, changing the background, adding a sound to the animated clock, and playing white noise while displaying time. Moreover, Flip Clocker has more features than Fliqlo, such as countdown and timing tools. These productive functions can help you stay focused on your tasks.

Anyway, both Fliqlo and Flip Clocker are great desktop clocks, and which is better depends on your preferences.


Adding a flip clock as a desktop clock screensaver on Windows and Mac can significantly improve your desktop’s appearance and efficiency.

In this article, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to add a clock screensaver to your computer. If you are using Windows, fliqlo is right for you. If you are a mac user, flip clocker can fit your preferences much better. You can have a stylish clock on your screen with just a few clicks. These animated clock wallpapers can keep your device active and protect your privacy whenever you are away from your computer.

Add a distinctive flip clock to your Mac and Windows desktop to impress your friends and colleagues. You’ll adore the classic black-and-white flipping clock design and the captivating page-turning animation for seconds!

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