Are H13 And 9008 Bulbs The Same?

Are H13 And 9008 Bulbs The Same

There is always a question: Are H13 and 9008 bulbs the same? The short answer is Yes. H13 and 9008 bulbs are the same. Let’s get into the details and understand in what cars they are installed and what types of H13/9008 bulbs are available in the market.

H13 and 9008 are two different industry standard names for the same bulb, and they are interchangeable. They are dual-beam bulbs, which means they have both high and low beam functions available.

These bulbs are commonly used in cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If you need to replace an H13/9008 bulb in your vehicle, make sure to purchase a bulb that is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

What Cars Use H13/9008 Bulbs?

Considering cars, there are several brands that use these bulbs. For instance, Cruze, Grand Caravan 09, F150 (All Models), Expedition, Mustang, Liberty, some models of Jeep, Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, Eclipse, Raider and Solstice.

H13/9008 Headlight Bulbs: LED vs Halogen

When it comes to H13/9008 headlight bulbs, there are two types available in the market. LED and Halogen. Let’s check what’s the difference and which one you should opt for.


For drivers that require more intensity and more brightness, they often choose H13/9008 LED bulbs. While in most high-end cars LED bulbs are installed, others usually upgrade their headlight bulbs to LED from Halogen. These types of bulbs are a better companion as they are long lasting. They can last more than 50,000 hours and it also consumes less energy.


Halogen H13 bulbs, on the other hand, are standard bulbs that are low in cost and produce yellow light. However, they are not long lasting as they are good for one-year and later you need to replace them. They will be good for at least 1,000 hours and then slowly they will start to dim

Why We Should Pay Attention to Car Bulb Size?

It is important to use the correct size and type of bulb for your car, as recommended by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. You can also refer to this guide to find out what bulb you need. That’s because using the wrong size or type of bulb can cause numerous problems, including:

Reduced Visibility: It can reduce the brightness of the headlights or taillights, making it difficult to see or be seen while driving, especially at night.

Electrical Problems: Using the wrong size or type of bulb can create electrical problems for your vehicle. It can result in short circuits and blown fuses, which can lead to more significant problems within the electrical system.

Damage to the Vehicle: It may also cause damage to the vehicle’s wiring or the headlight assembly. Some bulbs generate more heat than others, and using the wrong type of bulb can cause overheating and melting of the plastic lens covering the headlight, damaging the lens and other parts.

Safety Hazards: Using improper bulbs can result in electrical problems, and in some cases, it can cause a fire, resulting in significant damage or potential injuries to the vehicle’s occupants.

Other Things To Look For Before Buying Headlight Bulbs

These are some general factors to consider when choosing where to buy headlight bulbs.

#1 Quality

It’s recommended to buy high-quality headlight bulbs as they are designed to last and provide bright, clear light. Whereas, if you choose poor-quality bulbs (to save the cost), then it can fail prematurely, and may not provide adequate illumination on the road.

#2 Compatibility

Make sure the headlight bulbs you purchase are compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. Using the wrong type of bulb can result in poor performance and they may also not work in the first place.

#3 Warranty

Always check for warranty or return policy on their products. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you can return the product if it doesn’t meet your expectations or is defective. For instance, SuncentAuto provides a 90 day return policy. In addition to 9008 LED headlight bulbs, you can shop for a wide range of automotive lighting products from this online car parts store.

#4 Customer Support

Good customer service is essential when buying headlight bulbs, as it can help you address any issues or concerns you may have before and after your purchase.

#5 Reviews

Look for a seller with a good reputation and positive reviews from previous customers. This can help you ensure that you’re buying from a reliable online platform that offers quality products and customer service.

In conclusion

H13 and 9008 bulbs are industry standard names for the same dual-beam bulb, which is commonly used in cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We have discussed the differences between LED and Halogen bulbs and what to look for before purchasing headlight bulbs, including the importance of using the correct bulb size and type as specified by the manufacturer, to avoid potential safety hazards and damage to the vehicle. It’s essential to consider factors such as quality, compatibility, warranty, customer support, and reviews when choosing where to buy headlight bulbs. SuncentAuto is a reliable online platform offering a wide range of automotive lighting products, including 9008 LED headlight bulbs, with excellent customer service and a 90-day return policy.

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