In-Depth Analysis of a Breath Alcohol Test

DUI arrests happen all the time here. First and foremost, the police will determine if the driver who caused the collision was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While many people may disagree with the police’s decision to pull them over and maybe jail or punish them for drunken driving, the government and the police are justified in their stance that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol.

Many social drinkers report feeling pressured to imbibe while they’re among others. This is more common among males. However, when it comes to women, there is an underlying pressure to conform. Some folks prefer to imbibe in the absence of company. For better or worse, consuming alcohol slows reaction time and weakens the body. The brain seems to take the most hit. Alcohol can interact with or change the chemicals in your brain that keep it running smoothly when you’re sober. This manifests itself in delayed reflexes and slurred speech.

Alcohol is widely known to have a calming effect on the neurological system. The intoxicating effects of alcohol can cause extreme fatigue and even a quick onset of sleepiness. It’s been recommended for persons who have difficulties sleeping or who are sleep deprived. It is well-documented that being high reduces one’s ability to focus on a single task for extended periods of time. Rather, the impairment of judgment brought on by alcohol consumption is its most dangerous byproduct. Driving in such conditions should be prohibited. He could be putting not just himself, but also others, in danger.

How does it function, exactly?

Therefore, if you do choose to imbibe in alcohol while socializing, do so responsibly. Carry a breath analyzer with you to use as a self-monitoring tool. A Soberlink breath analyzer is a device that can determine the exact percentage of alcohol in your system. The body of the gadget houses two anodes made of acetic acid. The tool will only work if you blow into it. The ethanol in the alcoholic beverage, and consequently the oxygen in your breath, oxidizes this anode of acetic acid. When one’s oxidation rate or intensity is high, one’s blood concentration is also high.

Evidentiary breath testing often employs infrared spectrometry-based models, whereas fuel cell-based ones are utilized for preliminary testing at the scene when someone is pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Infrared spectrometry measures the wavelength of ethyl alcohol, the component contained in alcoholic beverages, and electrochemical fuel cell technology turns alcohol into electric current; the mechanics underlying these two technologies are complex.

Machines like breath analyzers have the potential to produce inaccurate results. The challenge for breathalyzers is to distinguish between ethyl alcohol and other substances that share chemical structure with ethyl alcohol.

How Reliable Is a Breath Test?

A person’s diet, the weather, and the toxins they are exposed to on the job can all cause an Intoxilyzer to provide a false positive result, even if the person hasn’t been drinking. Accidental inhalation of chemicals from one’s workplace, such as paint or cleaning supplies, might cause a false positive on a breathalyzer test.

Some breathalyzers may confuse the acetone levels common in people who are dieting or who have diabetes for ethyl alcohol. Just because your breathalyzer result shows that you have alcohol in your system does not mean that you are inevitably guilty of driving under the influence. There are many situations in which a DUI charge can be withdrawn or reduced due to an error on the part of the arresting officer. Equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained may also fail to perform properly and give off false results. Your experienced criminal defense lawyer will search for evidence like these to help build a strong case in your defense. Your criminal defense attorney will investigate the specifics of your case to determine whether there are any mitigating factors that could lead to the dismissal or reduction of your charges.

Why Have Your Own Personal Breath Analyzer?

Avoiding drunk driving is the most obvious advantage of choosing Soberlink breath alcohol tester. Intoxicated driving is a serious offense, and no one wants to risk the psychological and financial fallout that comes with a conviction. A person can lose not only their job, but also their ability to drive legally and their car. More seriously, drunk driving can cause serious harm to both the driver and other people on the road. Those who use a handheld breathalyzer can legally and safely get behind the wheel.


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