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Partnerships 101: What is Partner Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is now part of the marketing mix in many companies. But what is actually behind the marketing form, what is partner marketing and what are the advantages of companies? We clarify this in this article.

† Many combine affiliate marketing with Amazon. Already many years ago, Amazon launched a website operator: to pay a commission if they advertised the products on Amazon and then bought them. This principle still applies to affiliates today, but it has long been going beyond Amazon’s products.

In addition, affiliate marketing is developing rapidly. Partner Marketing has now reached the next stage of affiliate marketing. But how do the two forms of advertising differ and what does the future of partner marketing look like?

How does affiliate marketing work?

How does affiliate marketing work

Affiliate marketing is a success-based concept. This means that a mediation commission is paid if the recommendation is successful. Two parties are always involved: the advertiser and the publisher. The advertiser (or dealer) wants to market its products or services, provides banners and links, and pays a commission.

The publisher uses its advertising space (such as a website) to present the advertisers’ products or services. So it conveys between the advertiser and the potential customers: inside.

Customers: Inside, for example, the products are bought via a partner’s recommendation link. As soon as a purchase (or other forms of conversion) has been completed, the commission is due. This can be done in various types of remuneration (e.g. pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, or pay-per-lead).

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?

The low risk of affiliate marketing is particularly important for many companies. Whether the application of the products and services works or not does not have any major financial consequences. So you can test what works well at the beginning.

In addition, affiliate marketing can increase awareness and achieve new target groups. The advantage is that publishers usually write high-quality content about the advertisers’ products. This automatically creates trust.

What is partner marketing?

What is Partner Marketing

As already mentioned at the beginning, affiliate marketing is constantly developing. In addition to affiliate- today is also spoken partner marketing. In addition to end consumers, this marketing channel includes influencers, B2B cooperation, or media and publishing partnerships in the B2C area.

As a result, advertisers can expand their reach far beyond affiliate marketing. This also ensures a target group-specific address in the future and a world without third-party cookies.

The many options in the world of partnerships

The strength lies in diversity – this applies especially to the world of partner marketing. You saw how partnerships grow and how to integrate them into a company effectively, but what do partnerships look like in practice? You will be surprised at how many ways there are to work with partners: to support the growth of a company.

“Partnerships” refers to the entire spectrum of business relationships and alliances, including strategic B2B partnerships, native software integrations, loyalty programs, social influencer: inside, app-to-app integrations, CSR/charity organizations, traditional partnerships, premium -Publisher and brand ambassador: inside. Let’s take a look at what each of these types of partnerships looks like in practice.

1. Strategic B2B partnerships

These partnerships use complementary industries or customer needs to increase the sales of all parties involved. They aim to increase sales, customer loyalty, and consumer awareness: to increase inside. The company that receives the partnership is usually happy about new customers: inside, while the company, that conveys the partnership, receives remuneration for the traffic you deliver.

2. Software integrations

These integrations offer technologically advanced strategic B2B partnerships. They help to share relevant data with the partner (or vice versa) to create a personalized customer experience. It is not about advertising, but an improved customer experience.

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3. Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs represent a special kind of strategic partnership in B2B. Consumers: Inside, often indicate that their choice of retailer is influenced by where they can collect loyalty points or premiums. Therefore, many companies choose to work with various dealers through their loyalty programs.

4. Social influencer: inside

Influencer: Inside, people with a large number of followers on social media who advertise on various channels, blogs, and newsletters for a company. You will usually receive a fixed remuneration per contribution and/or a commission for generated sales.

Partnerships with influencers: Inside offers an excellent opportunity for companies with younger consumers: to get in touch inside. This target group is often based on peers and opinion leaders: inside on social platforms to make a well-founded purchase decision.

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5. App-to-app integrations

Mobile marketing is currently a very popular form of partnership. The market for mobile apps is a large part of all mobile transactions – which is not surprising when you consider that the likelihood that users: on the inside can be done via an app, is three times as high as on a website. Therefore, companies are very interested in the fact that their partners: Interior Inspire Potential: are inside their app.

6. CSR/charity organizations

Charity partnerships are part of a functional brand strategy or are committed to a well-founded CSR program. Even if smaller companies have to dig deep into their pockets for a direct donation, this form of partnership offers them an economically affordable way to justify cooperation and at the same time support concerns that are important to them.

7. Traditional partnerships

Traditional affiliates focus on companies that want to increase traffic on the company channels by offering discounts or other incentives for their audience. As a rule, you will receive a commission for generated leads and/or sales.

8. Premium publishers

This type of partnership offers an efficient way for publishers to stand out from traditional advertising and is often referred to as Commerce Content. In this regard, the company uses the trust of the audience of a publication by offering relevant brands and services through editorially prepared content related to the products and services for which it stands.

9. Brand ambassador: inside

Partnerships with brand ambassadors: Inside, recommendation programs for customers: inside and employees, offline locations that promote your products, influencers: inside, and much more. Brand ambassadors: Inside represent your brand and can either be individuals or independent companies.

What does the future of partner marketing look like?

“Traditional” forms of advertising are increasingly unpopular among consumers: people are fed up with advertising and the future of third-party cookies does not look very promising either.

In our digital world, consumers have full control and determine how and when they get in touch with brands. In your purchase decisions, you rely on research and trustworthy partners: inside.

As a result, the still quite new form of advertising for partner marketing for the future will be traded as a decisive model for success. This is because the discipline in addition to end consumers: Inside, for example, B2B sales partners: is included in the inside and thus contains a greater variety of partnerships than the “classic” affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, partner marketing offers a high degree of automation, which means that numerous processes become slimmer and brands can save valuable resources. In the meantime, some solutions specialize in Partnership Automation and make the management of partnerships easier and more efficient using the software.


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