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Here is All You Do Not Know About Ludo

Here is All You Do Not Know About Ludo

Over the years, there have been many board games that have come and gone out of style. However, one game that has managed to keep its spark alive among the masses is ludo. One of the greatest feats the game achieved recently was becoming the most popular game during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The top-tier classic board game is enjoyed by enthusiasts in both the orthodox offline and the popular online modes. Even though millions of people enjoy ludo games daily with their friends or family, the majority of them do not know much about the classic board game. This article will list some of the most interesting facts about the ludo game that most players do not know about. Let us get started:

The Game Was Invented in India During Ancient Times

Even though ludo’s concepts and rules seem a bit foreign to some players, the game originated in India during ancient times. Ludo is many centuries old, and by the time it came into existence, it was a favorite pastime activity of royal members of the society, including nobles, ministers, etc.

The claim that ludo is an ancient Indian game was solidified when historians found and confirmed several depictions of the game in different parts of the country. Needless to say, at the time when it was found, it was not known as snakes and ladders. Moreover, over the years, there have been many variations of the game, each of which featured different names.

Ludo is Deemed the Game of Kings

As mentioned earlier, ludo originated in India many centuries ago. Since the game came out, it became an instant hit among the masses, especially the kings and emperors. A prime example is Akbar, the great Mughal emperor. It is a very well-known fact that Akbar loved indulging in ludo, or as it was known back then, Pachisi games. It is said that he did not play the game merely because it was fun but because it required skills. He used the classic board game to assess the characters of men.

In “India and Its Native Princes’ which is a book written by ML Rousselle, a French author, it is clearly mentioned that the Mughal emperor played the game in his court with his courtiers while all the attendants watched it. Besides Akbar, there have been many prominent rules which were known to play ludo. For this reason, ludo is unofficially referred to by many as “The Game of Kings.”

The Board Game is Also Mentioned in the Indian Classic Mahabharata

The Indian classic Mahabharata is regarded as one of the most important texts of all time. This is because it features a rudimentary version of the classic ludo board game. The great war commences when Shakuni decimates the Pandavas with a cursed die. Hence, the game of dice (a variant of ludo) gave rise to numerous circumstances which eventually led to the war in Mahabharata.

It Requires Skills and Strategies

A common misconception that many people have is that ludo is a luck-based game where players simply need to roll a die and make a move. This is one of the biggest myths about the game. For starters, the only place where luck plays a small role is when a player rolls their die. Besides this, no aspect of ludo matches requires or is affected by a player’s chance.

Ludo is a skill-based game from head to toe where players need to come up with smart strategies and tactics to make sure their tokens reach the respective base before the playing pieces of opponents. Even though the game has been promoted as a children’s game for quite some time, it requires players to use their cognitive skills to win games.

It is Taught in Numerous Business Schools Around the Globe

The majority of the masses see ludo merely as a game that requires little skills and is played for fun. However, the classic game is much more than simply a game that is played for relaxation. Ludo is taught as a separate topic in numerous business schools around the globe.

It is used as a teaching tool to explain to business students the usefulness of making strategies and implementing them in real-world scenarios. The strategy-based game facilitates teachers and professors to explain numerous business-related concepts easily.

Online Ludo is More Popular Than Offline Ludo

Individuals can indulge in ludo games in two ways – by using physical playing boards, pieces, and dice or via online ludo games. Even though the first method is fun and allows players to have a memorable time, it has many limitations. For instance, players must be physically present to indulge in ludo games. Moreover, they also need to have the required equipment to get started.

On the other hand, online ludo games are easier to access, allow individuals to play virtually from anywhere, offer exciting rewards to players, etc. Due to the numerous advantages online ludo games offer players, individuals prefer opting for online ludo games rather than indulging in the classic board game in the offline mode.

Even though it may seem like a generic children’s board game from afar, ludo is one of the most advanced games that people of all ages can indulge in. Thanks to its appealing features, ludo has maintained its popularity for many years. In fact, looking at the current statistics, it would not be wrong to say that the game is not going anywhere for the next few decades, at least.


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