ICICI Net Banking – All You Must Know

ICICI Net Banking - All You Must Know

With the introduction of net banking accounts, it has become convenient for customers to conduct their banking activities from anywhere in the globe. ICICI stands for Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India, is a leading private-sector financial institution, which like other financial institutions has come up with ICICI net banking system. Now, customers do not require taking out time for planning a visit to the bank branch or stand in queues to get the banking work done. Any ICICI customer with a stable net connection can use the benefit endowed by the net banking feature. By using the ICICI net banking facility, customers can conduct numerous transactions, as follows –

  • Make an online fund transfer
  • Open current and savings account
  • Keep a thorough check on the account statement
  • Apply for the recurring deposit account
  • Pay the utility bills
  • Check the past account statements
  • Apply for a recurring deposit account or fixed deposit account
  • Recharge or pay the bills for the mobile connection
  • Transfer funds to another account
  • Get the banking information online to apply for amount withdrawal on the EPFO unified member portal

Apart from these, there are various other banking-linked transactions that can be done through the ICICI net banking option. The online net banking podium of ICICI bank is created in a way that makes it easy for you to not only scroll across the site but even perform distinct banking transactions with ease.

What are the ICICI net banking features, you must be well-versed with?

In current times, ICICI has upgraded its online web portal. As an outcome, several customer-friendly upgrades are made. This, in a manner, has accentuated the website’s usability. Specific prime features, you can get on the ICICI bank site are –

Ameliorated customization and personalization

In the ameliorated and new ICICI site, there’s a customizable dashboard. This specific dashboard has a simple drag-and-drop feature. Thus, ICICI account holders can easily log into their online net banking account and add shortcuts, according to their preference and convenience. Moreover, the profile can even be customized by editing under the section ‘my profile.

Better user interface and navigation

The recent interface for the ICICI net banking site has been designed in a way that permits easy accessibility to users for all crucial info linked with the account. The thorough info can be seen and understood in layouts on the site’s home page itself. Additionally, customers of ICICI bank can conduct transactions linked with its debit card using this page. You can even make various service requests through this page.

Customized data for different user segments

ICICI bank has designed content in a manner that serves varied audience segments. This ameliorates the customers’ banking experience. For example, in case you are a customer under the section of privileged banking, you will get mostly the links that take you to privileged banking. On the contrary, in case your customer with wealth management account, you will mostly receive investment-related links.

Better security

For banking transactions, one of the crucial parameters is security. Keeping it in mind, ICICI bank has permitted customers to put an upper limitation on their transactions. It is an ameliorated level, which assures security to transactions.

Simpler transaction process

Now, the procedure of making a transaction through the online route is simpler than it used to be owing to its implementation of a secure and easy transaction procedure by the ICICI bank. Now, you do not require providing distinct passcodes for distinct transactions. To simplify and fasten the thorough process of making online transactions, ensure to go through the steps mentioned on its page. All the info linked with this is thoroughly explained.

ICICI bank registration of net banking

The registration procedure for ICICI net banking is quick and simple. For this kind of online banking, you will require a user ID. This user ID is provided to you when you open a current or savings bank account with ICICI bank. In this case, the user ID is not given to you. To get the user ID, you must send a request through the online channel for online banking registration. Note that, you can do this process by visiting your ICICI branch too. To get the user ID details for ICICI net banking, you must input the account details. After this, the representative of the bank will assist you with the thorough procedure of getting your user ID for internet banking.

What are the key services you may get using the ICICI net banking system?

ICICI net banking assists you to conduct a wide range of crucial functions seamlessly. A few of the services and functions include –

Fund transfers –

With ICICI netbanking, you get a secure and simple platform to easily transfer your money.

  • You can transfer the funds not just to the ICICI bank holder’s account but even to the holders of distinct banks.
  • With the bank’s IMPS feature, you can easily and instantly transfer the funds regardless of the time of the day or month.
  • ICICI bank even permits you to send money abroad. However, to send this fund abroad, you will require providing specific recipient’s documents.
  • Also, you can get money from ICICI bank holders’ and account holders of distinct banks through the net banking features of ICICI bank.
  • With the Give India facility introduced by ICICI bank, you easily can donate funds from your account.
  • You can also send the money in the form of demand drafts, or money orders to the beneficiaries anywhere in the country.

Bill payments –

  • ICICI net banking even permits you to make payments on the bill. Now, you can make the payment of the bill timely by registering all your billers with whom you deal on the site.
  • In the case you are not looking to register your billers, you still can pay your bills using Quick pay.
  • If you are looking to make a travel booking, mobile recharges, DTH recharge or purchase movie tickets, you can do this using the instant shopping feature of the ICICI mobile or net banking facility.


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