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How is a Shopify Payment Gateway Helpful for Your Business?

How is a Shopify Payment Gateway Helpful for Your Business

Selecting an appropriate digital platform is an important step in outlining your online payment drive. With consumer behavior varying in a spectrum, it is even more important to keep your website updated with trending technology. Growing internet connectivity allows your business to have a strong virtual presence, supported by a reliable payment gateway to sustain online payment methods. So, the proper selection of Shopify payment gateway makes your clients return for more. The increasing internet coverage in India has implicitly brought the urban and rural markets closer to their respective audiences and opened new ways of online business and payment solutions. Being one of the finest e-commerce platforms that allow businesses to set up online stores regardless of their size, Shopify empowers businesses to sell anything across.

Benefits of Using a Shopify Payment Gateway

The benefits are not limited only to the look and feel— there are a few more real advantages to using it over different gateway providers.

Consistent Integration

As the Shopify Payment system is a native or built-in payment gateway, it links flawlessly with the third-party service providers. This signifies that you do not need to bother about any complex setup process or handle numerous accounts and logins. It is created to fit in ideally with your store for a smooth and up-to-date experience.

Diversified Payment Alternatives

When you go with third-party Shopify Payments, you can get a wide variety of payments involving all considerable credit, debit cards, Google Pay, etc. This provides your customers with the flexibility to pay in a manner that matches them effectively and makes it more feasible that they will complete a purchase.

Fast & Simple Setup

Establishing payments integrated with one-click checkout is quite easy for the admin. There is no compulsion to sign up for a different account or login — all is managed within one account. Once you are done with the setup process, you are all set to start taking payments!

Complete Control from a Single Platform

When you employ Shopify’s payment gateway with one-click checkout, all your payments are done effortlessly. This offers you complete visibility on your payments, making it easy to check your sales and income from a single central platform. You can also benefit from Shopify’s robust reporting tools to get awareness into your business and make data-oriented decisions regarding your future.

Lower Payment Processing Charges

One of the biggest advantages of using the Shopify gateway is that you can avoid payment processing charges and better control them with different payment met methods. In different payment gateways, you are owed a fixed sum for each transaction on top of the card payment processing charges. But with Shopify Payments integrated with Nimbbl, there are no additional transaction charges — you will only always pay common credit card processing charges and Shopify fees. This can create a big difference to your baseline, specifically if you are processing a large transaction volume.

Multiple Currency Approval

If you are selling to clients in different countries, you will require an online payment gateway that can approve multiple currency transactions. This gateway gives multi-currency support, which signifies you can take payments in different currencies and have them involuntarily changed into your native currency. This is the best way to increase your global sales and approach a big client base.

Encoded Data

When it is about payments, safety is always a top concern. The payment system employs the newest encryption or encoding technology to make sure that all your client data is safely stored and safeguarded. You can be quite sure that your payments are safe with a third-party payment provider.

Fraud Safety

The payment gateway includes fraud safety tools to assist you in decreasing the fraudulent risk and chargebacks. These fraud research tools continuously track your account for suspicious activity and will wither any prospective forged transactions. You can then check these transactions and determine if to cancel or complete the order.

Added Personalization

Your business can illustrate personalized payment methods for each customer. Using smart verification and API review working after the scenes to decrease cart abandonments in your store is essential.

CVV or Card Verification Value

It is another security feature that helps safeguard you from the hustle. When CVV is facilitated, Shopify, with a one-click checkout will need the customer to feed the CVV code from their credit card during checkout. This aids in verifying that the card is available and in the customer’s control, which lessens the risk of deceitful transactions.

Final Words

Shopify Payments is the easiest method to accept payments. It is a packaged solution that offers you the ability to accept payments both online and individually. This can increase your sales and allow your customers to pay how they wish. The native Shopify payment gateway is preferred by merchants as it is simple to use and merchant-responsive, with reduced transaction charges and no monthly fees. But your customers are the true winners — they get a consistent, hassle-free payment experience even if they are paying online or in-store.


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