How Do I Get A Job In Illustration?

How Do I Get A Job In Illustration?

A career in the illustration can be rewarding for individuals who seek creative satisfaction and expression in their work. If you have a creative bent of mind, then your passion for fine arts and drawing into a career would be a perfect match. Earning a formal degree in the illustration can be instrumental in an illustration career progression. Most prospective individuals interested in a career in illustration opt for a three or four-year BA Hons in illustration. It introduces students to the fundamentals of the creative industry and offers numerous opportunities to refine a career path.

The students of this degree programme offer experience in drawing skills and narrative studies that are progressively introduced and encouraged. Throughout the course, students learn through seminars, studio time, animated, non/animated tutorials, and workshops accompanied by subject-specific tutorials. Majoring in the illustration can support a career as an illustrator because the course covers fundamental topics that a professional in the illustration must be aware of.

Here are the important modules covered under the programme:

  • Drawing and narrative
  • Theory concept
  • Professional practice 1: Destination
  • Exhibition practice
  • Documentary illustration
  • Critical analysis and research
  • Professional practice 2: Platform
  • Illustration dissertation
  • Professional practice 3: Launch

Besides equipping students with the topics mentioned above, it offers practical exposure that allows graduates to understand real work settings. That’s not all. Pursuing BA in illustration also helps students build portfolios that can help them stand out from the crowd by showcasing their unique abilities and skills that can make an excellent illustrators.

Apart from having a professional qualification, getting a job in illustration requires an individual to be proficient in the following skills, which can be efficiently built if you choose a holistic illustration programme. Here are some of the most sought-after skills that get you a job in illustration:

  • Artistic Techniques
  • Creativity
  • Design tools
  • Storytelling
  • Color theory
  • Composition
  • Design
  • Sketching

Bachelor’s of Art in Illustration: Career progression

An individual with a bachelor’s degree in illustration can look for employment across various industries, including publishing, media, entertainment, and marketing. Now that you know earning a professional degree in the illustration can help you get a job. However, knowing about different job opportunities in the illustration can help you make an informed decision. Here are some of the most prominent job roles offered to an individual after completing a BA in the illustration:

  • Set designer
  • Freelance illustration
  • Digital Imaging
  • Web and app illustration
  • Printmaking
  • In-house illustration and design
  • Product illustrator
  • Comic-book illustrator
  • Courtroom illustrator
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Technical illustrator
  • Graphic designer

Illustration career paths suit creative individuals who enjoy interpreting concepts through animation and other graphic mediums. Pursuing a BA in illustration can offer professionals with industry knowledge and skills to be successful in an illustration career. Now that you know how to get an illustration job take the next step and apply for BA in illustration to kickstart your preparations toward a lucrative career!


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