4 Reasons Why More People Are Going Vegan

4 Reasons Why More People Are Going Vegan

As all the buzz around plant-based diets only continues to grow, you might have wondered whether or not you should give a vegan diet a go. People have had vegetarian and vegan diets for centuries for lots of different reasons, and these days, it’s easier than ever to quit eating meat and animal-based products with thousands of tasty and nutritious alternatives to choose from. If you’re wondering why more of your friends are going vegan, or why you’re hearing more about it these days, here are some of the top reasons.

Health Benefits

There is a ton of evidence to suggest that eating a lot of fruit and vegetables will help your body and brain health improve. Many health experts recommend a plant-based diet or at least a diet that is a majority plant-based, to help improve the overall health of people with diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and other conditions. So, if you are looking to improve your health by changing your diet, going plant-based might be the way forward. Not only are there lots of great plant-based food options now available but finding a vegan restaurant near me has also never been easier with more and more being opened.

Moral Values

Many people who decide to go vegan believe that all animals have a right to life and freedom. If you are a huge animal lover and hate the idea of eating animals as food, or their products like dairy and eggs, then a vegan diet might be the right choice for you. Lots of vegans love animals, and would never dream of hurting one, so cutting all animal products out of their diet just makes perfect sense to them.

Environmental Concerns

Many vegans will have also based their decision on the environmental impact of meat and animal products. Lots of people who stick to a plant-based diet are concerned for the planet and passionate about protecting the environment, which is something that has become more important than ever recently. Many environmental issues are linked with animal agriculture, including greenhouse gas emissions, pollution caused by the transportation involved in raising livestock, and water and land usage.

Personal Choice

Last but not least, you don’t have to be passionate about any of the above topics to switch to a vegan diet. Some people simply don’t enjoy animal proteins, dairy products, or other animal products, while some might have allergies or sensitives to them such as lactose intolerance. You can switch to a vegan diet just to try it out and see how you get along, or purely because you don’t think you would miss animal products very much anyway – it’s entirely up to you. Lots of people go vegan or vegetarian because they don’t like the texture of meat products, and it’s a perfectly valid reason to give it a go.

With more information on veganism than ever before, you might be wondering why it’s becoming such a popular topic. Lots of people who go vegan have deeper reasons behind their choice, while others simply change their diet to include the foods they prefer.


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