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Try These 2 Grey Lenses to Mesmerize People with your Eyes

Lenses are great for people with high power or those who don’t like to wear eyeglasses. And if you opt for disposable lenses, you don’t need to maintain them by frequently cleaning them. Moreover, disposable lenses keep eye problems and infections at bay as they are replaced monthly.

If you are someone who digs greys, then grey lenses are a great way to change the colour of your eyes. Let’s look at 2 options that will let you flaunt that look without breaking the bank!

Monthly Disposable Premium Grey Lenses

These coloured eye lenses are perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality grey lens. You can customize the power as required. They look great, and you won’t even feel like you are wearing them, thanks to the lens flexibility that adds to your eyes without straining them.

Monthly Disposable Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses

These grey lens from Alcon will give you that mesmerizing look you are aiming for without drawing too much attention to them. If you aim for a subtle yet sexy look that will make you stand out in a crowd, go with these lenses without a shadow of a doubt. Opting for any of the two will give you unmatched benefits compared to buying a pack of daily disposable lenses. Here’s Why!

They Are Great for Regular Use

If you regularly like to sport grey lens, then a monthly disposable pack is the most cost-effective option out there. They are comparatively more affordable than daily disposable lenses and offer great eye protection.

More Environment Friendly 

Unlike daily disposable lenses that create a lot of plastic waste, monthly disposable lenses are much more environmentally friendly since you only need to dispose of them once every month.

Perfect for travelling

Unlike specs, contact lenses are much better for travelling as they are easy to carry around without needing much space. Moreover, since you don’t need to worry about carrying any cleaning solution, that’s additional space saving for you.

Let’s Your Eyes Breathe

Daily disposable lenses don’t offer the convenience of these monthly disposable grey lenses offer. It’s because once you take off a daily disposable lens, you would have an entirely new set as you can’t repeat the same set twice. That is not the case with these contact lenses.

Great for Sensitive Eyes

These grey contact lenses are great for people with sensitive eyes as they can hold moisture much better and for longer periods without drying up. This keeps your eyes hydrated without irritation or discomfort, even when wearing them for an extended period without taking them off.

Enhanced Protection from Allergens 

The grey color lens sports a thicker design that makes them both more durable and offers more resistance to allergens like sweat, dirt, and dust particles.

Wear them with Confidence

These Monthly disposable grey lenses can be worn for days without taking them off. You cannot do this with daily disposable lenses as you can wear them for only up to 16 hours. So, even if you sleep without remembering to take them off, you can do so worry-free.

If you have been considering replacing your eyeglasses or old lenses with something newer, better, and cooler, check out the Titan Eye plus store to choose between the two. They are great for everyday wear. No matter which one you go for, it will be a great buy!


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