How To Learn German (Or Any Other Language) With TV?

Unlock language proficiency using an innovative approach: Learn German or any language through TV shows. Z Library offers a wide range of resources to enhance your learning journey.

Immerse yourself in entertainment while honing language skills, making the process enjoyable and effective. Dive into linguistic growth with the power of TV and Z Library.


One benefit of learning a new language is that you can watch a foreign language show or movie in its most natural form. The only way to learn a language is to hear and see enough of it, just like children do.

You can learn German with Lingopie, and watching German TV shows is a fun way to learn new words and phrases and get better at German. Lingopie is a streaming platform for learning languages.

You can post them afterward. But it’s not as easy as you might think to watch German TV shows compared to other ways to learn the language. German TV shows are easy to find on the internet because it works now.

Why Should You Watch TV to Learn German?

It’s important to switch things up as you learn German. If you only read books at school, it’s easy to get bored and tired of it. Your brain doesn’t always want to figure out what you’re reading. German TV is a fun alternative that helps you work on some of your most important skills and important parts of the language. You can:

  • Listening carefully to what the characters say is a good way to improve listening.
  • Improve Rapid Grasp: You learn to listen when you don’t know what someone will say, like when you get pulled over on the street.
  • Take notes on how people talk to sound more like them (redensarten).
  • There are many ways to speak German, just like there are many ways to speak English. You’ll meet a lot of new people this way.
  • All while learning a lot about German history and culture, which is a big part of these shows.

Watching Television in German

TV has never been so easy to watch before. This is also true for German TV, of course. Once upon a time, if you wanted to watch a show, you needed a TV and a time slot set by the networks. Most, if not all, TV networks have had to change to meet their viewers’ changing needs.

They can’t make you watch at a certain time or place because of smart TVs, mobile apps, and computer apps. The best way to learn German is on Lingopie, where any shows can be watched. Here are some of the German shows and movies you should watch!

1. ARD Mediathek

The ARD was Germany’s first public TV and radio station. It has videos from almost all public TV stations on its website. Taxes pay for it, so there is no advertising, which is a big plus. Most of what ARD shows are documentaries and pieces that give information.

2. ZDF Mediathek

ZDF, which stands for Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, was Germany’s second TV station. The public pays for it, just like the ARD, giving information and entertainment without ads.

3. ProSieben Video

ProSieben is part of Germany’s biggest private TV network, which is called ProSieben. Since ads are how the channel makes money on its own, there will be many of them. This place is great for people who like American TV shows. Popular shows like How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, and 2 Broke Girls can be watched with German subtitles.

4. Dark

Dark is about a child who went into a cave and never returned. It takes place in the made-up town of Winden. It’s a mix of science fiction and real-life drama, and the writing is riveting. We watched the whole first season in three days with my girlfriend because it was so good. It can take a while to get used to how the speaker talks. +

Even though they speak Hochdeutsch, pure German, some characters tend to mumble. So, if you’ve never seen this show before, make sure the subtitles are on for the first episode or two.

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5. Babylon Berlin

The police drama Babylon Berlin is set in Berlin in 1929 when it was a part of the Weimar Republic. A police commissioner is moved from Cologne to Berlin, and the story shows how he falls into the criminal underworld that grew after World War I.

6. Tatort

The German TV show Tatort should be on every list of German TV shows. Tatort, which means “crime scene” in English, has been on German TV for the longest time. Since the 1970s, they’ve been making 30 long episodes a year, and it’s probably the most talked about show on TV.

7. Doctor’s Diary

Doctor’s Diary is a comedy about a German doctor who wants to find love. This is a great way to learn German if you like shows like Scrubs. I also watched it while trying to learn German for the first time. Gretchen, the main character, is just as clumsy in life as she is in love, and the show is full of her constant slip-ups and mistakes. It’s funny, sad, and sweet all at the same time.

8. Stromberg

Stromberg is like the German version of The Office. It’s closer to the BBC version than to the American one. So much so that the BBC threatened to sue, and the show put “inspired by” in its credits. No matter which version of the show you’ve seen, if you liked it, you’ll find something to enjoy in this show’s episodes.

How To Learn A Language From Watching TV

Here are some more ways to make the most of your time in front of a screen.

  • See a movie All at Once: This is mostly useful for getting a “feel” for how a language sounds. This is, however, a very important step that will help you both understand and speak the language better.
  • Focus on words you use often: Let’s be honest: it’s easy to get sidetracked or “lose your place” when watching foreign language shows and movies.
  • Record and copy: If you’re feeling especially productive, you can go one step further and use digital recording tools.
  • Practice Talking and Vocabulary: Once you have the recording, you can focus on copying the pronunciation. Pay close attention to the sounds of the words as you repeat the same words and then the same phrases.

Pick based on your interest: You should also know that the amount of language can vary from genre to genre.


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