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Enjoy For Several Hours With Ludo Download Apps

With digitization and COVID, most of the things are happening online today. So much so that even games are available online. You can now play ludo online and even download the ludo money earning app and win cash prizes. All these online games can be learned quickly and can be played by people of all ages.

How To Play Ludo Online?

You can download a suitable app and create an account with it. Some platforms allow you to sign in as a guest. Interestingly, you can play online solo or find your opponent. While in solo you will be pitched against the computer, when looking for an opponent, you will be matched with a random player who is also playing online. You can even create a room to play with your friends or family and start playing the game.

How To Enjoy The Game For Several Hours? 

Once you get the gist of playing ludo online, you can play it for hours and enjoy it. Here are different ways you can start playing ludo and enjoy it for hours.

1. Earn Money Through Referrals

You can earn it by playing online ludo. To do this, all you can do is recommend other participants or win games. You can refer your family members or friends on a few platforms. However, do note, you will have to create an account on the app and link to an online wallet to deposit or receive money. The prize money is often paid out according to the game’s rules. That said, most people earn more money by referring to other people.

2. Great Fun Towards The End Of The Game

Ludo is undoubtedly an exciting game and the climax of a four-player game occurs when the last 1-2 tokens remain. Depending on the player’s strategy and luck, the time taken to finish the game may vary between a few seconds to hours. Regardless of the time taken to complete the game, be assured you will enjoy every moment of it.

Previously, Ludo was known as Pachisi and has been mentioned even in our greatest epic Mahabharata. As time passed by, many changes were made to the game and it was called ‘Ludo’ by the Britishers in the 1890s. Now, in addition to the physical board game, you can play it online and even win prize money. Download any ludo money-earning app and play to win!

3. Select An App Having The Highest Rating

Today, the market is flooded with many ludo apps. We recommend that you choose the one having the highest ratings as you will have to provide sensitive information at the time of registration. Most of the apps require details such as your name, username, email address, phone number, and referral code.

4. Play Modes

Today, the ludo game is available in different play modes in various apps. Some modes allow two players to compete while others need four players. Also, there are different rooms for players to join the game. Additionally, players can join private rooms to play ludo with their friends or family.

If you want to understand the online game better, you can practice and experiment with different strategies. Some apps allow you to play in single mode or in other words against the computer. However, you can’t earn prizes at the end of practice matches.

5. Prize Money Can Differ

If you want to play ludo to win cash prizes, do note that different apps will have different prize money. Also, the bonus money is calculated on the total games finished and won.

In addition to ludo, many apps offer other games including snakes and ladders. If you have enjoyed playing these games physically on a board, then you are sure to have fun playing them online as well. You can practice all these games before playing against an expert.

There’s no denying that you can enjoy playing ludo endlessly online. It also has a few benefits.

  • Helps you remain stress-free.
  • Improves bond with your loved ones.
  • Enhances logical thinking and other cognitive skills.
  • Helps you deal with victory and defeat.
  • Develops interpersonal skills.


Ludo, whether played physically as board games or online, is very engaging and entertaining. To win prize money, you can download any ludo money-earning app and start playing!


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