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Leverage a Flexible work system with the myRemoteDay app

myRemoteDay allows employees working remotely to manage their availability conveniently via various communication channels and balance their remote work life.


Working remotely is here to stay, pandemic or no pandemic. Working from home or remotely has two sides. On the one hand, it promotes flexible work and, when done correctly, may considerably increase individual and team productivity. On the other hand, it’s fraught with difficulties.

In 2022, 25% of respondents said that the most difficult aspect of working remotely was not being able to disconnect. Because many individuals who work from home do not have a distinct office, they have a conflation of their living environment and workplace.

Read on to learn more about the challenges of remote work culture and unfold the easiest way to balance remote work and personal life.

Some of the most typical issues that we remote workers face are as follows:

  • Lack of focus – The work-from-home system also comes with plenty of distractions, and it’s all too easy to get distracted. Furthermore, there is no over-the-shoulder responsibility to keep us away from social media notifications.How about being transparent about our availability? We can then focus solely on our work and mark busy or unplugged when we are not working. Seems beneficial? Read on to learn how to make this possible.


  • Difficulty in connecting with co-workers – When I think of connecting with my co-workers, the first thing that comes to mind is – Can I call him/her now? I have no idea if they are available at that moment. The same thing happens to me as well. I do miss out on important calls sometimes as my co-workers don’t know if I am there to receive the call, e-mail, or message.


  • Setting boundariesWork-life balance is obtained only when we share the start and end of our work day. When we work from home, it becomes difficult to keep work and personal life separate. We tend to check e-mails, chats, and Slack or feel that we need to work all the time whenever we are on Wi-Fi.However, it’s crucial to unplug at the end of the working day, or else we may feel like we are 24*7 available for work. We do need to stop checking our work emails, get off Slack, and allow ourselves to unplug for the day.


  • Lack of personal relationship – WFH might imply working alone, which is quite different from the regular hectic office situation. It may knock workers off their game, particularly extroverts who feed off one other and rely on others to be more productive.Furthermore, tasks are often completed alone, and there may be more effort than normal. Finally, endless virtual encounters with no personal connection may add to the pile. All of this might pose mental health issues and remote work burnout.

Each of the problems comes with a solution. But what if I say all of these problems can be mitigated with just one solution? Yes, “myRemoteDay” is an app that enables remote work-life balance efficiently.

myRemoteDay was created specifically to address these issues for the individual remote worker. The unique software has intriguing features to assist workers in improving their capacity to unplug.

The program enables remote workers to manage their availability effortlessly via multiple communication channels and balance their remote work life. With an easy-to-use interface, myRemoteDay provides the easiest method for workers to set limits and communicate the best way to contact them at any given time with their colleagues.

According to an Upwork survey, by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely, an 87 percent increase from pre-pandemic rates. So, let’s make remote work easy, effective, and convenient with myRemoteDay. Here are some of the features of this innovative app –

  • Create the work-life balance – MyRemoteDay is a simple tool that defines and communicates work-day boundaries, enabling our teams to know how and when to communicate – whether we’re in a meeting, taking a coffee break, or unplugged for the day.


  • Build personal communications – MyRemoteDay interacts with the tools you currently use like WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom, Webex, Teams, Calendly, Chili Piper, etc., to communicate with colleagues both within and outside our business.

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  • Seamless connection with co-workers – The app has a feature called “Card,” which is a user’s sharing “profile.” The Card serves as the network’s window into our current status and availability. Our shared “profile” functions as a live business card, showcasing and guiding the network to the best method to contact our teammates using myRemoteDay.


  • Develop focus – Building focus results in better productivity lessens our remote work burnout and gives better scope for family time. But as already stated in the article above, working from home is quite challenging. Remote workers build myRemoteDay to take care of the specific needs of the remote workers. We share our availability and may give our best when we are available.On the other hand, myRemoteDay can mute your current contact settings and suggest alternatives such as scheduling a meeting for later or encouraging asynchronous communication when we need to unplug. Thus, we focus on whatever we are doing at that moment.

So, build an efficient remote work system for improved working circumstances in the future.


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