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In this article, you will find out 7 tips that you can apply to your Google account immediately. The A&O for strong performance is correct optimization. Some may be familiar to you, but others are real insider tips!


Conversion tracking

You have probably read it many times, heard, and in the best case internalized it, but because it is so extremely important, here again: without tracking, no optimization = money burned!

As long as your tracking is not sitting and you cannot evaluate data (KPIs), you should never invest money. Only the tracking shows you what has been measured and whether there is a need for optimization. Whether you measure the number of clicks on a website, app downloads, or calls in the shop, you can see which keywords, advertisements, advertising groups, and campaigns lead to customer actions that are most valuable for your company. You can then make adjustments to further optimize the performance.


You should be aware of which marketing goals would like to achieve with your ads. More visitors to your website? More sales of your products or contact inquiries? You should precisely define these goals and determine them for yourself. The more precisely your advertising goal is, the better you can adapt the settings in your Google Ads account to the correct optimization measures.

Your location

Many of our customers who come to us need help because they receive few calls & inquiries, but they are not within reach of the customer’s range of their funds


The customer offers his service throughout North-Rhine -Westphalia, but because he, unfortunately, did not circle his location (on its region), his advertisements are played on Google throughout the Country, which leads to high unnecessary costs & frustration. Therefore, you should select the right region under location settings in your account and determine the radius.

Adjust device types

Under “Settings”“Devices” can be adapted to the commandments for desktop, mobile & tablet. Since the performance of the ads between the devices varies greatly. The click volume, the position of the display, the click rate, and the click price usually have strong differences and should be viewed and adapted as separately as possible. After 30 days we recommend taking a closer look and adapting them accordingly.


70% adjustment = a bid of € 10.00 is changed to € 17.00. If you want to remove a bid adjustment, leave this field empty.

Check bid strategies

For most customers who come to us and use our free account analysis, we notice that bid strategies are simply used arbitrarily that do not match the marketing goal.


The customer creates his first campaign and would like to spend € 45 for a request and therefore chooses the bid strategies to target CPA = € 45 has not yet achieved a single conversion and Google cannot classify this. However, our ADS experts know that at Ziel CPA you need at least 10 conversions. The customer should have maximized with clicks or start impression.

Expand columns (measured values)

Google Ads enables the multitude of metrics (KPIs) to be viewed, which can be arranged individually and can quickly get an overview (with trained eyes). Columns can vary on different levels.

However, the following metrics are an indispensable:

Clicks, CTR, impression, costs, costs/CONV, CPC, quality factor, conversion, conversion rate


Testing is actually the key to success because without experience you cannot draw the right benefit. Try again and again a new orientation, new ad texts, or simply create campaigns as a test version and see what works well and takes over!

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The Google Ads account is willing to learn, absorbs everything, and has the right way. Even if what you hoped for in a campaign or advertisement group did not happen, there are also bad experiences that can be incorporated. Just as your Google Ads account constantly expands, you expand and learn more and more about what you can apply. Good luck with growing!

If you still don’t get any further, please contact us without obligation and we will provide you with a free offer of account analysis & advice!


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