Vape Juice Bottle Sizes? – What Is The Best Bottle Size For You?


Selecting the right e-juice bottle goes beyond the design, cap, or color; the size of the bottle is another important thing to consider. While newbie vapers may simply shop random e-juice bottle sizes, pro vapers know just what they need and which bottle size would fit perfectly.

The truth is that some bottles are better suited for some tasks than others. This article will guide you properly on how to select just the right bottle to buy.

Different Vape Juice Bottle Sizes For Different Purposes

Different vape juice bottle sizes all have their unique perks that make them better suited for certain purposes than others. For instance, 10ml e-juice bottles are the most concealable, and most ideal for vape pen refills.

The factor that majorly determines the capacity of the e-liquid bottle you need, is your vaping habits. Hardcore vapers who practice DTL vaping will require a different set of bottles from average vapers who use the MTL vaping style.

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes & MTL Vaping

MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping is a style of vaping in which the vaper inhales vapor into his mouth, and from his mouth to the lungs.

If you’re using an e-cigarette having an atomizer above 1 ohm, it is referred to as standard vaping. This vaping style uses less e-liquid with higher nicotine concentrations and produces less vape clouds.

MTL vapers don’t need large vape juice bottle sizes. 10ml e-juice bottles are perfect for their instant refills, and for e-liquid storage, a 20 or 30ml bottle can last them 2 weeks or more.

Vape Juice Bottle Sizes & DTL Vaping

DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping is a style in which the E-juice vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs, like how you’d take a normal breath. It is otherwise called sub-ohm vaping since it uses higher wattage and lesser ohms.

One thing DTL vapers love is the massive vape clouds that come with it, and this is why sub-ohm vape liquids always have low nicotine concentrations. However, huge vapor clouds equate to more e-juice consumption.

Due to the high wattage and higher rate of E-juice consumption, a typical DTL vaper will need a big e-juice bottle, or else they’ll have to visit the vape store too frequently. Sometimes their daily usage may be as high as 10ml. The preferred vape juice bottle sizes for DTL vapers are from 60ml to 120ml.

E-juice Bottle Sizes & Vaping Samples

It’s always a good idea to spice things up once in a while and try out new vape flavors. If you want to check out the flavor of a sample e-liquid, you’re better off purchasing smaller e-juice bottle sizes. The ideal size here would be 10ml.

E-juice Bottle Sizes and Steeping

When it comes to steeping, a larger bottle equates to a larger vape juice size; so that means more steeped juice for you. However, unless you will be using the traditional steeping method (shake and allow to sit), large vape juice bottle sizes may not be ideal.

The best e-juice bottle sizes for steeping are the smaller ones. These small-sized bottles will give you no problem whether you’re using the ultrasonic cleaner method, the hot water method, or any other method at all.

E-juice Bottle Sizes and Air Travel

If you plan on traveling by air with your vape juice, you certainly can’t carry too much vape juice in a single vape juice container.

In this scenario, 120ml vape juice bottle sizes are totally out of question. Rather, a better recommendation is to place several smaller bottles (10 to 20ml) in a clear zip-lock bag.

This way you can carry up to 120ml or more safely in your luggage bag. For better safety, use plastic e-liquid bottles for air travel.

Popular E-liquid Bottle Sizes

Here are the most commonly used vape juice bottle sizes and their perks:

  • 10ml: These are the tiniest and most concealable bottles. They are also the easiest to refill. 10ml e-liquid bottle sizes are the most popular, which is why they’re available in all cap types, whether as a unicorn bottle or an e-juice dropper cap bottle or a needle cap. If you want to try out new vape juice, this is the size you should get first.
  • 20ml: The 20ml bottles are just as convenient and concealable as the 10ml bottles, but they hold more vape juice. They’re great for MTL vaping.
  • 30ml: Vapers choose 30ml bottle sizes because they can hold a lot of e-juice while being small and portable. For an average vaper, this bottle size can last up to 3 weeks.
  • 50ml: This is a good middle ground bottle size, not too big and not too little. DTL vapers who vape less frequently are best suited for this size.
  • 60ml: Vapers that vape frequently or utilize high-powered vaping devices frequently use 60ml container sizes.
  • 120ml: These bottles are thick and chubby, with enough vape fluid to last up to three vapers. DTL (Direct To Lung) vapers benefit the most from them, as they store enough juice for up to 2 weeks of sub-ohming.

Final Words

Whether you’re a vape juice producer or just another vape lover, you have to be intentional about what vape juice bottle sizes you buy. Go for the bottle that best serves the purpose at hand.


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