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Technology Trends for Business Phones

Technology advances every day, and as a result, the demand in the VoIP market is increasing. In addition, there are many companies and agencies investing significant amounts in wireless technology like 4G, LTE, and 5G networks. These investments lead to higher transfer speeds, high-quality voice and data services. As a result, there are many upcoming trends for business phone technology.

The Mainstream of 5G

When you have a fast-paced business, you need technology, like Ooma phones, that are just as fast. 5G networks are being adopted quickly, and one of the most talked-about trends associated with market trends. 5G helps to make your business communication speed faster and improves your customer interaction and improving customer expectations. 5G in combination with VoIP improves your response rates. This helps businesses keep up and potentially exceed their competition. 5G has a large number of benefits that extend beyond communications. 5G has the potential to transform a businesses’ connection to the internet.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is easily found everywhere. You can find it even when you are not looking for it. It is in your social media, websites, and in chat conversations. While AI may not be a large part of VoIP at this moment, it is available to some extent, and more is coming. AI optimizes the processes of VoIP, which is why it is critical to know how you can use AI to your advantage with VoIP. You may be surprised at how many of your customers expect you to use some form of AI. You might lose customers if you do not incorporate AI into your VoIP. In combination with Ooma phones, AI can help you understand the behaviors of your customers. Long-term, you may find increased sales and improved strategies for marketing.

Smart Assistants

Virtual assistants are similar to artificial intelligence but not quite the same. However, virtual assistants are a great way to improve your VoIP services. When combined together, there are considered VoIP assistants. These assistants can help remove some of the everyday tasks your employees may typically take on as a part of your business. These tasks include sending calls to voicemail or routing calls to the appropriate technician. When your employees do not have to take on these administrative tasks, they can focus on customers and more demanding tasks. These assistants may help improve the way you interact with your customers, which ultimately improves customer service. As technology improves, the VoIP assistants will become smarter.

The Downfall of Traditional Phone Systems 

The traditional phone system is gradually dying off, and it will continue to do so. Less people are using conventional analog telephones. As a result, businesses should consider ways to have a more flexible communication system. There are many ways to move your business into modern and technological advances. This is why a large number of companies are switching to VoIP to allow them to access more communication channels. There is a future where those communication channels will include social media, support, chat, email, video calls, SMS, and phone calls.


One of the biggest challenges a business faces is building a loyal customer base. This makes it critical that you keep your phone lines open and available for your customers. You want to allow a way for your customers to access you, even when you are not near your office. VoIP has become more portable than others. VoIP enables you to keep a single contact number for your customers. This is called number porting. VoIP is more portable than traditional phone systems with local number portability and mobile number portability.


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