5 Workouts To Increase Your Body Flexibility

Having a healthy body and mind is really necessary in today’s world. We are all so preoccupied with the stress and strain of our jobs or studies that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Less than 5% of adults participate in a 30-minute physical activity nowadays.

Working out not only tones your muscles but also helps you to have a calm state of mind. For body flexibility, there are some special kinds of workouts you can practice. Here are five workouts you can try to keep yourself healthier and more flexible.

1. Try yoga

For centuries, yoga has been the number one way to keep yourself flexible. It reduces stress and increases your focus. From deep breathing techniques to meditation, yoga can truly do wonders for your body. In addition to making you physically more flexible, it also uplifts your mood and makes you emotionally flexible.

Start by taking a beginner’s yoga class to know the basic movements and postures. If you are already good at it, you can move on to the tougher and more-complicated poses. You can either do whole-body movements or focus on specific areas of your body to increase their flexibility like your hips or shoulders.

2. Go for dynamic stretching

Whether you’re trying out weight-lifting or jogging, dynamic forms of stretching are much more effective than static stretching. Static stretching can be great for warming up, such as trying to touch your toes. But dynamic stretching prepares your body better for the upcoming forms of working out.

For example, while standing, you can try to lift your knee to your chest and then bring it gently to the ground. Hug your shin so that your kneecap is against your chest. If you feel you need a bit of support initially, try holding a railing or a table.

3. Do tai chi

Tai chi was originally developed in China as a form of self-defense, but presently, it’s widely practiced as an exercise to increase the body’s flexibility.

It involves a series of movements that you should do in a slow yet focused way. The most important thing is to keep your breathing even and slow. Tai chi is a low-impact activity that doesn’t put too much strain on your muscles and joints.

So if you’re suffering from any ailment of these body parts, you can still practice it. Not only does it improve your flexibility but it also enhances your alertness, reflexes, and range of motion.

4. Combine dancing and exercising

Dancing is a fun way to get rid of daily stress but when you combine dancing and exercising, it’s even more fun. Dance workouts like Zumba are often conducted in groups to encourage participation and liveliness. When you perform dance movements like hip hop or freestyle dancing, your mind feels good and your body also becomes more flexible.

The best part about a dance workout is that you don’t need to be an expert. Simply blast some music on your speakers and combine a bit of stretching and exercising with the usual dance movements.

Get creative! If you feel that you don’t want to groove alone, invite a couple of friends or neighbors over to make each session more fun.

5. Add stretch-bands to your routine

Another great exercise option is to incorporate lightweight stretch bands or resistant bands when you’re working out. They can increase your mobility and flexibility to a great degree. Even some of your dormant muscles might get active when you use these bands.

The main job of the resistant bands is to create tension by engaging the major groups of muscles. The more you stretch the band, the greater will be the resistance. There are many different ways to work out with a stretch band.

You can even focus on various areas of your body like the upper half of your leg extension to put more pressure on them. To achieve the best kind of results, maintain your posture properly and keep a low level of tension on the band at all times.

Over to you…

These five workout tips will help you to get into shape and increase your flexibility. But remember to never over-exert yourself. Start with baby steps and gradually advance to the more difficult levels. Initially, your body might feel very sore but as you keep working out, you’ll notice a positive change.


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