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3 Benefits of an Intercom System for Your Business

Intercom systems have been standard property access management tools for many types of buildings. In general, buildings with higher-level security needs and residential complexes have employed intercoms as a means of granting entrance. Two-way communication devices used at the entrance of buildings can simplify property access for tenants, staff, visitors, and delivery people and provide security control. For years, access control through an intercom system has been an essential security asset for apartment complexes and other buildings. Today, however, many business owners and office managers realize the benefits of intercom systems for corporate entrances.

An intercom system for business properties can take security and access control to the next level. Given the recent rise of violence at workplaces and office buildings, many leaders are moving toward more proactive measures. An intercom can control who has access to the building and how people are admitted. If you are considering adding a new intercom system to your business building, there are a few considerations. Each building will have unique needs, from installation costs and tenant and staff requirements to wiring and Wi-Fi capabilities. However, no matter the needs of your building, the benefits can be substantial. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of an intercom system for your business.

Enhanced Safety and Security Measures

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an intercom system for your business is the improvement of safety and security around the building. High on the list of expectations for most business leaders is enhancing the security of staff and assets. Intercom access control systems can help secure your building and provide your employees and other stakeholders with peace of mind. Without access control, it is often easy for anyone to walk into the property and difficult for building staff to determine who is present. Two-way intercom systems allow security personnel and front desk staff to control who has access to the building and identify everyone on the property.

Office intercoms can make your business safer and also serve as a crime deterrent. Intercom systems with video capabilities and security control can also record activity around the building and help prevent theft, vandalism, and break-ins. From securing your building and protecting your staff to providing security for parking lots and surrounding areas, intercoms can serve as an essential part of your overall security system.

Improved Communication Capabilities

Aside from enhanced security measures, intercoms can also improve building staff communication abilities. Intercom stations can be installed around the building and made available in numerous offices. Video intercom capabilities can allow various staff in several offices to communicate with front desk staff or visitors for various reasons. In emergencies, business intercom systems could prove to be a vital communication tool. Additionally, intercoms with video monitors allow your building staff to easily identify food deliveries, maintenance personnel, postal workers, package couriers, and others without stopping to allow them in or out manually. An intercom system can streamline communication across your entire commercial property.

Elevated Building Reputation

Installing an intercom at business entrances can do a lot to elevate your property’s reputation. Depending on your business’s location, safety could be a concern for staff and other stakeholders. A building intercom tells visitors, clients, staff, and others that your company is serious about the security of your building. Intercom systems can improve the image and reputation of your building and send a message about the kind of business that you are running.

Intercom access control has been the standard across many types of buildings for several years. Many businesses are now recognizing the benefits of a commercial intercom. With any type of intercom system for your business, you can protect the building, give your employees peace of mind, and send a message about your company.


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