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Apex Legends: Tips & Tricks for the Advanced Player

Many gamers consider Apex legends to be one of the toughest shooters available. However, this isn’t an overhyping as the game challenges your shooting skills and team play abilities. So, getting a few tricks and tips is important for beginners and advanced players before getting into the game.

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Apex legend tips and tricks for advanced players

1. Discover positions that give you an additional advantage

Even in real-life battle conditions, soldiers are taught to assume positions that give them an edge over their enemies. This tip is very important because some positions give you a good view of the battlefield than others. This makes it easier to know different flanks from which you can attack.

For example, if you are fighting in a hilly environment, you must stay on the high grounds. It gives you a better aiming advantage and reduces your chances of taking hits. On the other hand, if the battlefield is a flat landscape, you should quickly identify good covers.

2. Don’t be in haste to get weapons.

There are tons of weapons players can choose from in Apex legends, so take your time. These weapons are designed with different capabilities to fit in different situations and play styles. The firing range offers great training and warm-up ground where you can also test the weapons.

A good weapon combination is a Peacekeeper-Wingman duo. This combination is ideal if you prefer close-range combat situations to longer ones. It packs such a punch that makes up for its inability to shoot at far distance targets. You can kill enemies much more easily with one or two shots.

3. Don’t be too predictable.

With regards to this, strafing is your most valuable technique. Strafing involves you moving from side to side during combat. This may not be a very healthy movement, but it’s a good way of increasing your chances of survival in the game. This is because it makes it difficult for opponents to have a good aim at you or have a clean shot.

If you don’t find strafing preferable, you should consider the drop shot technique. This involves you falling to the ground while releasing a barrel of bullets. In addition, some characters possess unique evasive abilities. A good example is Octane, who has an unparalleled sprinting speed. If used properly, it’s nearly impossible to have a clean shot at him.

4. Use those explosives

Many Apex legend players make the mistake of keeping plenty of explosives without using them. However, these explosives are very needed in various situations in the game. For example, detonating an explosive in the direction of enemies is a great way of disorienting them before rushing in to finish off your victims.

Also, if you ever find yourself stuck in an overwhelming situation, use these explosives as a distraction and escape. It inflicts damages on your opponents and takes some time before they can regain balance and composure.

5. Avoid being a passive player.

Many players prefer to stay close to the edge of the map to gather loots. But, as you may already have discovered, Apex Legends requires a degree of alertness for you to thrive. And the only way for you to harden up is by partaking in combat. In addition, the combat experience allows you to learn how to use the weapons you looted quickly.

You don’t want to go up against those battle-hardened players while you’re still feeling like a soldier who just awoke from slumber. So, engage in combat but don’t be reckless about it.


No doubt, Apex legends is no joke about the sporadic gunfights and your need to survive. Therefore, don’t ever feel too complacent with your experience level since you might end up with a tougher opponent in your next match.

So, take some extra time to practice the above tips. Be selective with your weapons, and be sure to make effective use of positions. Lastly, it’s hard to hit a moving target, so never be at a stand-still.


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