Age Verification Solution – Setting New Grounds for Minor Protection


An age verification solution is what age-restricted retailers can count on. It’s commendable for the businesses who have made it so far without it or before its advent. Children these days are more spontaneous, smart but also very rebellious at the same time. They wish to get independent to live on their own terms. The concern about their safety is not only restricted to their parents but the government and businesses also worry about their protection from hazardous substances, restricted services, and materials. An age verification solution by global IDV providers is grooving in adult-oriented businesses and platforms these days. The automated technology safeguards minors from being victimised online and from abusing age-restricted products.

The age verification solution included in KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance ensures the facilitation of adult customers only by authenticating their biometric ID with their face in no time. The sheer range of age checks by digital systems ensures nothing but precision.

Significance of Minor Protection

Before the KYC compliance was standardized, children had accessed age-specific products or services like alcohol, cigarettes, and all. They have purchased goods online with the credit/debit card information of their parents or guardians. It’s all past. The age verification solution supported with semantic-based search algorithms and thousands of AI models can ensure synthetic facial properties of clients instantly.

The biometric technology embedded in the age verification solution is not only optimized for minor protection but so much more. The global IDV system with significant data coverage of numerous countries and territories can access the PII of clients in a heartbeat.

Online Age Verification – Combat ID Frauds

Teenagers if not prevented in the beginning then after successfully deceiving the age checks of a business or a platform, the vulnerable children would either get embroiled in a scam or worse, ruin their precious lives by abusing cannabis or other medication. They might also become future hackers or cybercriminals, manipulating businesses. An age verification solution can put a stop to this transformation with ease. AI-powered biometric technology recognizes smart fraud tools and techniques due to the AI algorithms, global coverage.

Severity of Non-Compliance

Other than e-commerce and healthcare providers who do integrate the age verification solution in their customer screening. There are apps that should not be available in the playstore for anyone to download. On Nov 21, the UK ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) took down giants like Apple and Google. Not only these two but approximately 40 other organizations from different industries were questioned. The severity and importance can be realized when household names like Google and Apple are being confronted. The age verification solution during the client identification is predestined for age-specific businesses and portals. websites.

Why Businesses Need Age Verification

The age-restricted retailers and platforms can avail the precise services for plenty of reasons and the IDV providers can always be trusted with client data as the organizations follow regulations and protocols of the GDPR. The evidence of customer identification by the age verification solution is always there for businesses for transparency.

Brand Expansion

Talking about this from a broad perspective, the retailers with automated IV systems attract an increased group of customers and business partners. No firm wants to join hands with an enterprise with a weak compliance program. The age verification solution also makes the customer validation accurate and swift. The clients get authenticated and supplemented in no time. The customer service leads to an increased user experience that would definitely bring the client to the same retailer or platform every time.

KYCC (Know Your Customer’s Customer)

The age verification solution can also be used to ensure the client circle of the partner or connecting business on mutual agreement. Obviously, if the other party is lacking in age verification online, subsequently the other firms in collaboration would get severely affected. The age verification solution in adult-oriented businesses is a must to advance.

Liveness Detection

The facial mask attacks and deep fakes are widely used for impersonation. AI-powered systems with facial depth checkers, smart face mapping tools, microexpression analysis can conveniently identify spoofing. The facial movements in the face recognition by healthcare providers, adult sites, gaming platforms, authenticate the client’s face dynamics from different angles. The age verification solution can seamlessly detect fake IDs benefiting the business and children.

Final Thoughts

The age verification solution with automated biometric technology is a saver for adult-oriented businesses like alcohol, pharmaceuticals, e-gaming operators, online casinos, and all.  Facial recognition in KYC compliance ensures legitimate customer onboarding. An age verification solution is mandatory for healthy relations with customers and other partner firms.


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