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First thing first, before we move ahead, you must know what are Instagram stories Link Stickers and how they can benefit the business. Well, link stickers are not the same as other Instagram stickers but have an additional link icon. They show the first part of the link destination which every one of you may already know is the domain – the purpose of it is to showcase transparency.

Instagram has officially announced in a statement that these stickers are now being available to every user. Instagram felt that this would help many small to medium-sized businesses to get more engagement and sales.

‘We made this decision based on feedback we heard from the community about how impactful it would be for creators and businesses of all sizes to benefit from link sharing to grow in the same way larger accounts do.”

How to get Instagram stories Link stickers

Brands and business creators have been so inclined to get more Instagram story views. The stickers of stories although have always played a pivotal role in grabbing the attention of stickers. As stated earlier, Instagram has officially announced that every user will soon have the link stickers on their stories. The day when everyone needed to have a coveted blue tick or 10k followers is gone. Wondering how to add a link sticker to your stories? Here’s how to follow each step to find out whether you’ve been given access or not.

  • Go to the Instagram stories sticker tray and choose the link sticker. Worry not, if you are not given access yet. As Instagram has officially made the announcement, it may sometimes take some days to see them in the lineup.
  • If you are lucky enough to have found them on your stickers tray, just paste the link into the field link.
  • Now, switch the color and text by tapping on the sticker.

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Ways to draw more traffic with Instagram Link Stickers

Since Instagram has finally rolled out the most asked sticker, now it is high time for businesses, brands, and creators to be wise with the use of it to get more eyes on the content.

Add a strong call to action

CTAs or calls to action are more important than anything else. Brands or creators can’t rely on the arrow highlighting the link to their website. They should encourage users and compel them to click on the link. The best way is however with the use of GIFs or text. Since the feature is still in its infancy, you should be strategic and drive more attention and clicks through it.

Create attention-grabbing templates

One way that helps to drive a massive audience through link stickers is by using attention-grabbing templates. No matter what you are sharing, an affiliate link, article, or service page, draw attention to the link by crafting a dedicated space for it to sit. You don’t need to spend hours creating personalized templates rather count upon some tools that come with pre-built Instagram templates.

Show your creativity with text overlays and PNG stickers

Since there are only a few link color options available that you may find do not align well with the overall aesthetics. For that, we suggest adding an overlay or a PNG sticker or click enticing text over the top.


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