How to Get More Twitter followers as a brand


Growing your Twitter follower count comes with many benefits. In addition to boosting your brand image, a high number of Twitter followers give your brand an edge over competitors. With an estimated   385 million active users,   Twitter has become one of the most powerful tools of networking for many brands.

The higher the number of Twitter followers you have the higher the chances of generating more leads for your business. Therefore it’s high time you consider growing your Twitter follower count to stamp your authority in a competitive business environment.

While getting more Twitter followers for your account can sound easy, it can be challenging for some brands. In this article, we highlight many ways you can generate more Twitter followers for your account without having to break the bank.

#1. Share valuable Content

With so many Twitter accounts available in the marketplace, the need to invest in quality content cannot be underscored. You are likely to get more followers for your Twitter account if you share helpful information. That way, you stand a chance to attract more followers and grow your follower count exponentially.

In other words, more people will be glued to your content only if they find it helpful. The more helpful content you share the more you attract new followers. It is against this backdrop that you should invest more time and energy in growing your Twitter follower count to improve your social proof.

#2.Optimize your Twitter handle

To be accessible through Google searches, you have to optimize your Twitter profile. Before doing anything else with your Twitter account, you should first consider optimization.

Although choosing a user name is still ideal in the optimization process, using your real name is pays off especially for those who intend to target a larger market segment.

If you intend to use the Twitter profile to popularize your brand then you have to use your brand name. Ultimately, that’s the first step in getting noticed by other brands that may be competing for the same market segment.

Further, you should use the brand log instead of your photo if the Twitter account is meant to promote your business. As a way of introducing your profile to the masses, adding a description makes it easy for the target audience to understand what your brand is all about.

Additionally, you can capture the attention of prospective customers by pinning a captivating tweet on your profile.


Engaging with followers is a perfect way of growing your Twitter follower count. For example, you can choose to engage your audience by retweeting their tweets. If other users tag you or mention you in the comments, you should strive to respond. This strengthens the relationship with the target audience making it easier to win the loyalty and trust of users. In the long run, you are likely to end up with more loyal followers who may become your key brand ambassadors.

While you may not have enough time to respond to every comment, making an effort to reply to some of the comments can yield tangible results in the long run. In other words, engaging with the target audience shows that you are responsive which is ideal for growth.

#4. Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags is another popular way of increasing Twitter follower count. Targeting industry-specific hashtags makes it easier for users searching for similar services to find you. That way, you can easily get your tweets to the market and improve your follower count.

The best way to use hashtags is through researching the trending hashtags. When you engage your audience through hashtags, your tweets are likely to be visible to audiences interested in the hashtag which increases your reach.

#5. Link your Twitter profile to your website, blog, and other social platforms

Linking your Twitter profile to other high-traffic platforms makes it easy to get more followers. As people interact with your content on Facebook, website, blog, and other platforms, they are likely to visit your Twitter profile. As a result, you are likely to get more traffic to your Twitter account and improve follower count.

A  website is one of the most useful platforms you can use to grow your Twitter followers. Besides your blog and website, you can reach out to other social media platforms and request them to follow you.

#6.Contribute on various platforms

Another way you can greatly boost your Twitter follower count is by contributing to various topics published on blogs.

By doing this, most of the posts that you publish on various platforms are likely to become an important source of traffic for your Twitter profile. While the process may be a bit slow at the beginning, it may yield impressive results if you are consistent.

For example, being active and responsive shows that you are a caring brand. As such, you are likely to win the trust of followers and get more referrals for your brand. In the long run, some of the followers are likely to become loyal customers.

All you have to do is ensure that you soberly respond to various issues without sounding confrontational. That would not only taint your brand image but also make you lose a considerable number of followers.

#7. Take part in Twitter chats

Hosting and participating in Twitter chats in form of interviews Q &As, panel discussions, polls, and debates is a perfect way of generating more Twitter followers for your profile.

The concept not only helps you in connecting with other professionals in your industry but also establishes meaningful relationships that are ideal in growing your follower count. Every time you participate in Twitter chats, ensure you are cautious about what you post since everyone can see what you post.


Twitter has become one of the most popular tools of marketing for many entrepreneurs around the world. Besides real-time conversations and a massive number of users, you can leverage twitters features to reach out to a larger and more targeted population. This will not only help you generate leads for your brand but also improve your brand reputation.

Therefore if you are yet to integrate Twitter into your advertising and marketing strategy, then it’s high time you consider it for networking.


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