How to Buy a YouTube Channel? Crucial things you need to know!

This article highlights all you need to know to buy a YouTube channel in 2024. Firstly, we will delineate the purchasing legality of YouTube channels. Then, the article walks you through some crucial benefits of buying a YouTube channel. So let’s dive into it right now.

Buying and selling YouTube channels is completely safe and legal; In fact, this is how many channels got to where they are today!

1. Is it legal to buy a YouTube channel?

Firstly, you might be wondering whether it is safe and legal to buy YouTube channels. In this article, we elucidated that it is perfectly safe and legal to buy YouTube channels. However, we’ll also summarize why it’s legal here.

If one follows all of YouTube’s community guidelines and policies, including content monetization policies, partner monetization policies, and policies for advertiser-friendly content then there is no need to fear buying a YouTube channel. In addition, you must also follow YouTube’s payment terms and policies for politicians and governments. Most YouTube channels that are famous today started as bought channels. Therefore, buying YouTube channels is a good business investment. Furthermore, YouTube also allows the buying and selling of channels.

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2. What are the benefits of buying a YouTube channel?

Now, there are several benefits of buying a YouTube channel that we cover in this section of the article. These include the ability to monetize and use YouTube’s many monetization features as well as greater freedom in creating content and choosing content topics and niches. Moreover, channels also become more credible, and posted content becomes more visible when you buy YouTube channels. Finally, it is a great business investment.

2.1  Monetization Eligibility and Monetization Tools

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#Monetization Eligibility

We covered the monetization eligibility for YouTube in explicit detail in this article.


However, we will also outline it here. One of the biggest advantages, when you buy YouTube channels, is crossing the monetization eligibility threshold for YouTube. This is because it is very difficult to meet YouTube’s monetization eligibility requirements to start earning money on YouTube.

Buying YouTube channels enables you to cross YouTube’s strict monetization eligibility requirements.

Firstly, you need to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program and create a Google AdSense account. Additionally, you also require at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch hours in the last 12 months to monetize your YouTube channel. These thresholds are not very easy to cross normally.

However, buying a YouTube channel that is already monetized would help you cross the threshold faster and earn money through your channel. Moreover, you can save a lot of precious time and energy that would have otherwise been spent on trying to cross YouTube’s monetization eligibility requirements.

#Monetization Tools

Moreover, one can buy YouTube channels that are already monetized to utilize YouTube’s phenomenal monetization tools. These include:

  1. YouTube Ads
  2. Selling merchandise
  3. Crowdfunding your projects
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. YouTube Premium
  6. Sponsored Content
  7. YouTube Subscriptions
  8. Youtube Badges

You can learn more about monetization tools on YouTube and ways to earn fast on the platform in 2024 by reading the article “How to Earn Fast on YouTube in 2024” that was mentioned above.

YouTube has a wide variety of monetization features to choose from!

Additionally, when you buy YouTube channels, you are allowed greater freedom in content creation. This is because buying a monetized channel enables you to utilize YouTube’s monetization tools.

Moreover, you will already have a supply of subscribers and viewers so you do not have to worry about the engagement rates for content you post in the future.

Therefore, you can tailor your content to how you want to format it, without the fear of it performing badly on YouTube. Your existing subscribers and viewers will interact with your future videos anyway.

There is more freedom in content creation with bought YouTube channels because you do not have to worry about performance too much.

2.3  Greater freedom in choosing content niches and topics

Moreover, if you buy YouTube channels, you are also allowed greater freedom in choosing your content niche and content topics. You would not have to tailor your content niche or topics to fit the mainstream or trendy topics.

This is very beneficial for YouTubers when they start on the application as beginners. This is because if you start on a bought monetized channel, you can choose your niche more freely, knowing you have existing viewers and subscribers.

2.4  Higher Channel Credibility

Furthermore, when you buy YouTube channels, your channel will have higher credibility. This is because it would be monetized and you could use YouTube’s various monetization tools. Additionally, your channel would be able to attract sponsors and advertisers more easily with a bought and monetized channel.

Buying YouTube channels also attract advertisers and sponsors.

2.5  More Visibility on YouTube

Buying YouTube channels also entails more visibility for your content on YouTube and elsewhere. This is because the YouTube algorithm prefers showing content from channels with a large number of subscribers and viewers on the main page.

Additionally, if you optimize your content for SEO, the greater visibility would also enable your videos to show up first in search results for keywords on Google, Yahoo Bing, etc.

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2.6  Business Investment 

Finally, if you buy YouTube channels, remember that you are making an excellent business investment. This is because all that you earn will be returned to you with interest once your channel becomes popular and you start earning money through sponsors, YouTube ads, selling merchandise, and other monetization tools.

3. AudienceGain’s Marketplace for YouTube

Moreover, it is a good idea to buy YouTube channels because AudienceGain’s YouTube Marketplace is being launched next month (Dec 2024)! Our YouTube Marketplace makes it considerably easy to buy and sell YouTube channels. We recommend our new marketplace due to the following advantages of buying YouTube channels from our marketplace.

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3.1  Free Google AdSense Account

Firstly, buying YouTube channels from AudeinceGain’s marketplace would give you a free Google AdSense account!

Buying from our marketplace gives you a free Google AdSense account!

3.2  Speedy Delivery

Secondly, we guarantee speedy delivery of our products and services. Therefore, you will unequivocally not be disappointed when you buy YouTube channels from our marketplace.

3.3  Real Engagement Metrics

Moreover, perhaps the most significant advantage of our marketplace is that we guarantee 100% authentic subscribers and viewers for your YouTube channel.

We are aware that many places online are selling fake bot views and subscribers that unsolicitedly clutter your channel. Therefore, we are creating a nuanced marketplace tailored to your needs so you can buy real subscribers, viewers, and channels from us.

AudienceGain guarantees real subscribers and viewers and not bots.

3.4  High Channel Quality

In addition, AudienceGain also promises high channel quality for all the YouTube channels we sell. Our experts work closely with you to optimize your channel to your specific needs once you buy a channel from us.

Moreover, our channels on sale have interesting content and are credible channels. We are also wary of footage ownership and copyrights. We also do not sell inactive channels in our marketplace.

3.5 No More Demonetization Problems

Finally, if you buy YouTube channels from AudienceGain, you will never face any monetization problems ever again! Make sure you check AudienceGain Reviews to clearly understand them before buying.


To sum it up, buying YouTube channels is completely safe and legal as per YouTube’s rules and policies. Therefore, do not hesitate to do so. In addition, buying YouTube channels is very advantageous because you can cross YouTube’s monetization threshold and utilize YouTube’s fascinating monetization opportunities including ads, sponsored content, selling merchandise affiliate marketing, etc.

Moreover, buying YouTube channels also enables you to have more freedom in content creation and choosing niches and topics for your content because you already have existing subscribers and viewers to view your future content.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about scrutiny and poor performance too much. Furthermore, you also get higher channel credibility and greater visibility for your content when you buy a YouTube channel. It is also a great business investment with a money-back guarantee once your channel blows up.

Finally, we recommend buying YouTube channels from AudienceGain’s remarkable YouTube marketplace being launched very soon. Buying from us enables you to get a complimentary Google AdSense account and we also ensure speedy delivery.

Additionally, we guarantee real engagement metrics and high channel quality. Finally, buying YouTube channels from our marketplace ensures that you never encounter any demonetization problems in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our services now!


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