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How to Get a Notarized Power of Attorney in Dubai Online

Notarized power of attorney

Notarizing a power of attorney in Dubai doesn’t have to involve blocking out a part of your day and having to deal with traffic to go to a notary. Mobile or online notary services in Dubai can eliminate the hassle of notarizing documents while helping you properly execute crucial agreements. Notarizations of contractual agreements can now be performed online and from the very comfort of your own home.

Steps for Online Power of Attorney (POA) Notarization in Dubai

Federal Law (no 4) of 2013 on the Regulations of Public Notaries in UAE lists the specific standards and requirements of public notaries and their services. This includes Notarized Power of Attorney in Dubai ONLINE and POA attestation in Dubai. For online power of attorney notarization, the process works as follows:

Step 1. Submission – The person creating a power of attorney, referred to as the principal, uploads the document to be signed. The other requirements for online POA notarization are to be attached such as passports and other identification papers of the relevant parties to a power of attorney in UAE.

Step 2. Confirmation of service – the notary public in Dubai will notify the sender of the document regarding receipt of a power of attorney for notarization in UAE. The POA notarization will begin with the actual authentication process.

Step 3. Authentication – the public notary will start a recorded voice or video chat session which will be attended by the signatories of the POA for POA notarization in Dubai and the other witnesses, as necessary.

Step 4. Identity validation – the notary will complete the credential analysis and identity validation based on the identification documents submitted by the signatories.

Step 5. Document signing – the signatories, which are the principal and the agent (person granted authority), will sign the documents digitally and the notary will perform an electronic notarization.

The signatories will receive copies of a notarized power of attorney documents. Copies of the audio/video recording together with the details of the signatories will be uploaded on the digital journal of the notary public in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. If the power of attorney was created and signed outside of the UAE, it will have to undergo a different process of the power of attorney attestation UAE. Online power of attorney attestation is also possible.

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Uses of a Notarized Power of Attorney in Dubai

Among the common uses of powers of attorney is authorizing a friend or relative in acting on behalf of another person that is in another country when you’re not able to be present. Many people, for instance, create a notarized POA document granting authority to a relative for representation during the sale of a property that is in the UAE. If the power of attorney created overseas will be used in the UAE, it will have to comply with UAE legislation where it’s going to be executed. A public notary in Dubai will perform the POA notarization and POA attestation process in UAE.

The most common types of power of attorney documents and their uses are as follows:

  • Durable power of attorney (for property) – the document allows you to grant someone the power to handle financial matters on your behalf should you become incapacitated or mentally incapable.
  • Springing power of attorney (for property) – the difference between the durable and springing POA documents is the time wherein the document can be executed. A springing power of attorney will cease to be valid upon certain conditions laid out in the agreement e.g. incapacitation of a person granting authority.
  • Personal care or medical power of attorney – the document allows you to appoint a trusted individual or entity to make healthcare or medical decisions on your behalf should you be incapacitated.

Reasons to Hire Online Notary Services in Dubai

There are significant benefits that you can only enjoy with a mobile notary service in Dubai as opposed to the traditional notarization process.

  • Flexible availability – an authorized public notary in Dubai typically works flexible hours. This means POA notarization in Dubai is possible even on weekends and after hours. They’re most beneficial during emergency situations.
  • More efficient transactions – the commute that’s necessary for the traditional POA notarization in Dubai can be a hassle to most. Rather than spending valuable time on the road to reach the location of a public notary in Dubai, use an online POA notarization service instead. It is as effective as the alternative on fraud prevention. Just make sure you utilize the services of an authorized and reputable notary.
  • No location limitation – your choice of location may be anywhere when you hire mobile POA notarization services in UAE. Whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, or office, you can acquire mobile notary services.

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