How you can host a website on AWS with Spanel


It’s always the 1st and most important step to find reliable hosting if you’re working in an online business.

Finding a suitable hosting is always a challenging task because of some must-have features like a 24/7 support system, user-friendliness, data security, and many other important features.

VPS servers are known as the most beneficial in such terms. They’re considered the most useful virtual servers for online business startups, online shops, digital business pages, and affiliation businesses.

ScalaHosting and Amazon AWS

Amazon web services also called AWS is one of the well-known names in cloud computing services for the last 15 years and own approximately 32% of the market share.

On the other side, ScalaHosting has been in recommendations and top ratings since the start, because of its impressive service innovations and product improvement strategies.

ScalaHosting has been an amazing push for all kinds of businesses in this industry. So, a partnership between ScalaHosting and AWS was more than a surprise for this digital business world.

Why use AWS with Spanel

The reason for being the most useful hosting management platform is that the CPanel is far smarter and more helpful than a normal control panel.

You can control your multiple websites and domain names using the custom-built solutions provided by Scala. A number of other good reasons are as follows:

Lightweight and fast enough:

Scala’s control panel supports LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed which is the fastest and most advanced web server technologies.

A smartly designed and developed control panel puts less possible load on your server. So, the server power could be utilized to boost the website speed.

Highly secure:

CPanel’s AI-powered SShield is the most powerful security solution which detects over 99.99% of the possible security threats before reaching out to your server.

Machine learning is used to let the system be updated by the latest malware and spam attacks. The security feature is free for all the users of CPanel with AWS.

User-friendly WordPress Management:

WordPress Manager is smartly designed for millions of WordPress users. Following are some of the key features,

  • Single-click installation
  • Plugin updates
  • Core updates
  • Extra Security lock feature

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Free Migration:

It’s one really notable feature of ScalaHosting, where a team is always available to help AWS users to move their websites free of charge with complete support.

How to host a website on AWS with CPanel

By analyzing the efforts of ScalaHosting to ensure the best service, we can say that an AWS-managed VPS is the best possible option for new and existing clients.

Steps to host a website on AWS with CPanel.


You can simply visit SCalaHosting’s homepage to have a look at pricing details and select a suitable option according to your needs.


You can click the green button “Configure Your Server “to jump on the 1s step of Order.

Step. 2)

The next step is to select a suitable billing cycle along with the extra backups and monitoring services.


You can click to continue button once you’re done with the billing cycle.

Step. 3)

You’ll have 3 options in this step where you can select,

  • A domain transfer you already have
  • Looking for a new domain
  • You don’t need a domain


Step. 4)

Here you can have multiple payment options to pay via PayPal, Debit/Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

That’s it. Your CPanel AWS account creation methods are complete here and you’ll receive a confirmation email in your given mailbox.

Final thoughts

AWS managed by VPS is the best-ever combination for growing businesses and new startups having tons of benefits.

You can have your website to be hosted by a leading cloud service provider with a super supportive management system.


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