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6 Things You Can Do To Deal With the ‘You’re Next’ Conversation


Are your Facebook and Instagram feeds filled with wedding and honeymoon pictures of friends and colleagues, but you dread showing them to your parents because they just might ask when you will get hitched? Or maybe, at the last few family weddings, relatives pulled your leg about you being ‘next’. Don’t worry, as there are ways to blow off the steam. Times are changing, and today, it is much easier to wave aside comments or questions that make you uncomfortable. Here are some useful suggestions:

1. Fix Your Goals

Letting your family know that you have a set plan in place, will relieve you of the ‘Aage ka kya Socha hai’ conversations. Be it regarding your career or marriage, fixing certain goals and having a structured approach towards the same can be helpful. Plus, even if you intend to get married soon, Indian matrimonial sites can help you find the right partner without the embarrassing ‘set-ups’ of your extended family.

2. Establish a Clear Line of Communication

As opposed to getting defensive or arguing, keeping your family aware of your latest or significant developments can ease their worries. Maybe you don’t want to meet suitable matches now, but you are planning to explore online in the future. Fair enough!

3. Don’t Succumb to the Pressure

Sometimes, all the coaxing and emotional conversations can get on your nerves. But don’t make a hasty decision. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and finding the perfect partner is vital. Make it clear that you need to take your time to go through all the details meticulously. As the Indian saying goes, “Durghatna se Der Bhali”!

4. Be Cordial

As much as you dislike the pushy behavior of well-wishers, it is best to be cordial and not lose touch with friends and family. As Indians, we are all used to familial and community bonding, and getting isolated is not a good feeling.

5. Have a Busy Schedule

This is an effective way of not paying heed to the taunts. From work trips and workouts to guitar lessons and myriad professional milestones, keeping yourself occupied will keep the pressure at bay.

6. Get Some Distance

If you are getting overwhelmed by your family when it comes to crucial life decisions such as matrimony, it is always a good idea to start living independently. When you move to a new city and start to live on your own, you get a lot of confidence and clarity to take your life decisions in a much better manner.

At the end of the day, remember that your family is your backbone and staying connected (while maintaining your freedom of thought) is important. Yes, it is like walking a tightrope, but as Indians, we are used to it, isn’t it? And don’t forget what Salman said in ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’, “Har family mein problem hai, but voh khush naseeb hain jinki family hai.” Cheesy, but so true!


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