AISCHEDUL vs. COMBIN – Which Platform Is Better To Auto-post On Instagram



Combin is one of the greatest tools for better managing your Instagram account and planning posts and stories. This program has several features and is one of the easiest to grasp programs available. Today, we’ll compare Combin to AiSchedul, another professional Instagram administrator stage.



First, open the AiSchedul website, and then, on the dashboard, select the GET STARTED option. Then, on the following screen, enter your name, email address, and secret key. After that, press the Register Now button. Completed! You may make use of all of the features right now!


It takes more time to sign up for Combin. You must use these methods to do this. First, go to the Combin Website and select either the Instagram developer application or the Instagram scheduler. Then click on Try it for free. Enter your email address and click the attempt free button at that moment. The appropriate program for your operating framework is now downloading. Please keep in mind that if you do not want to receive news notifications, uncheck the checkbox. Install it after the download is complete. Combin may be installed on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. Furthermore, it is a workstation instrument that cannot be used on a variety of devices.

Connecting Your Instagram Account


Sign in to your AiSchedul account after finishing the setup process. To connect with your Instagram, tap the Add Instagram Account catch. It’s worth noting that you can add several Instagram accounts. Enter your login and then press the Next button. Finally, type your secret word into the box and press the Submit button. Congratulations! Your Instagram account has been successfully added.


After installing the work area application, on the main page of Combin, you must input your Instagram account and secret key to proceed with the program. After signing in, you may see your new photos and images, as well as more Instagram followers, likes, and comments. You may also glance at your dashboard to check your assignments and receive metrics.



In actuality, AiSchedul is more than just an Instagram scheduler. AiSchedul allows you to manage many Instagram accounts on the same workstation at the same time, schedule posts, edit and schedule stories, auto-respond to comments, tag persons and regions, edit posts, and after scheduling, repost material. You will become an adept Instagrammer if you use all of the tips above. You may also save time and see additional sights. Continue reading to learn how to make the highlights work.

1.  Post-Timetable

To schedule your Feed postings, go to your dashboard and choose “Time Feed.” Your information was effectively simplified into the jumbled-up square form at the top of the page. After dragging your photo or video into the square form, click Save before proceeding. Remember that you may also prepare multi-photograph and multi-video postings. After you’ve uploaded your photo(s) or video(s), you may Tag people. Crop your post to accommodate the entire pic, or reduce it to 1080px x 1080px, or rotate it. From here, you may nurture your post in five stages:

  • Create an interesting inscription for your post.
  • Include your hashtags (your hashtags will be presented as a comment to make your subtitle look cleaner and increase post engagement)
  • Choose a date and time when you want to share your post (or check the case to “Post Immediately”)
  • Choose which accounts you want your post to appear on (you can plan a similar post for different Instagram accounts)
  • Complete the plan by clicking the “Timetable Post” button.
  • After you select Schedule Post, your post is officially scheduled. When the date and season of your scheduled post arrive, your post will automatically publish to Instagram with no effort on your part.

From your dashboard, you can see all of your forthcoming planned posts, as well as all of your previously scheduled articles. Another intriguing feature provided by AiSchedul is Auto Responses to Comments. Mechanized responses are dynamic for all high-level accounts.

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2. Schedule Story

To schedule your accounts, go to your dashboard and choose “Post on Story.” To submit the prepared narrative, click the Add button and edit it with the tools at the top of the story box. Following the posting of your photo(s) or video(s), you can Tag someone in your Story. Draw on your Instagram Story, geotag it, and add emoticons to your Story.

Change the tone of the foundation, include a link in your Story, and include questions and surveys in your Story. When you’re finished, click the Save button. Now, choose a date and time for your Story to be disseminated, or click the box to Publish Immediately, and which Instagram accounts you want to post to. You can show an identical Story on many Instagram accounts. Using social media marketing services is the best option for you.

3. Reposting

AiSchedul allows you to repost Instagram content from both the Feed and the Story. When you’re on your dashboard, click Repost and then select your method for discovering the material you want to repost from the menu that appears. You may search for articles using Hashtags, Location, URL, or Username. After you’ve found a good post, you may easily repost it on your feed.

4. Hashtags

You may search for hashtags to identify the most popular material to repost on Instagram. You may also preview the produced materials before reposting them.

5. Location

Another way to locate your dream job is to conduct a local search. Simply sort the region and select the gifts that are linked to the location.

5. Hyperlink to this website

You may copy the URL of an intriguing Instagram post and repost it with AiSchedul. You may also plan it on your own Instagram.

7. Username

You may find your top content by searching for usernames. Essentially, you may view the client’s postings and select the one you want to repost on Instagram. Remember to identify them so you can give them credit. When you have decided on your top post from among the options, you must plan it. It is similar to scheduling a standard post, as previously stated. When you login into your AiSchedul account and purchase an arrangement, you may use these features and appreciate how simple it is to use.


Combin, as previously mentioned, provides two independent apps for developing Instagram attractions and scheduling content. In this section, we will just discuss the scheduling application. In actuality, the Combin scheduler software can plan posts and stories, establish tasks, and select your Instagram framework style. In addition, Combin provides advanced research that can greatly assist you. However, you cannot add pre-programmed messages to comments or change the content.

Maintenance And Support


If you have any difficulties getting started with AiSchedul or encounter any problems, you may find an answer in the AiSchedul FAQ section. Similarly, you may discover useful tools on the Review XP. If you haven’t found your issue on this page, you may contact the AiSchedul support center, and they will help you with all of your concerns.


Combin also includes a FAQ section. This section will inform you of the most likely concerns that may arise when using this program. If you haven’t found the solution here, you may contact their online colleagues by clicking on the message button at the bottom of the page.



AiSchedul provides two distinct designs to customers. Furthermore, it offers new clients a 5-day free trial that isn’t restricted in any way, and you may study almost every feature to get to know the program better and decide if you need to pay for it or not. One of AiSchedul’s two plans is always free, but in this version, you can only access a percentage of the highlights and can’t enjoy the full ride of this program. Furthermore, the other arrangement that offers full access to highlights costs only $9 a month, which is cost-effective when compared to other programs.


Combin has three unique plans: Starter, Personal, and Business. You can manage only one Instagram account with the Starter Pack, and you have 100 post-activity limitations, which means you may change, timetable, and provide up to 100 posts per day, and all of these features are free. You can acquire engagement and view your impending tasks in the personal package, which costs $10 per month, and there are no restrictions on post activities. In any event, you can only manage a single Instagram account. Finally, if you select the business bundle, all of the highlights are unlimited, and you can manage up to 5 Instagram accounts. This package costs $30 per month, which is significantly more expensive than AiSchedul.


Overall, Combin is a good Instagram scheduler that may help you save time and manage your Instagram account from your office. However, you must download and install the program, and you cannot use it through your cell phone. AiSchedul, on the other hand, is a fantastic application that provides these benefits at a reduced cost and requires only simple software to use. Both of these programs are excellent, but you should select the one that best fits your needs.

Combin may be a better choice if you need to monitor your DMs and deal with your posts in one place, but AiSchedul is unquestionably a superior choice if you require a post scheduler that includes a solid photograph editorial manager and allows you to respond to comments. Examine the features and cost of these auto-posting tools and choose the one that best meets your needs.


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