How to Create a YouTube Channel to Grow Your Brand and Make Money


After Google, YouTube is the most visited website in the world and considering the fact that Youtube’s parent company is Google, it makes it one of the most popular social media platforms as well, having a huge audience base from a number of varying age groups.

This not only makes it one of the most lucrative ways to grow your brand and make money but also to discover the potential fan bases out there. According to recent research studies, there are about eighty percent of Americans who use and prefer using YouTube as compared to other social media platforms. Research also found out that more than half of these users visited YouTube every single day of the week, so the chances of your content being discoverable and to gain more views on your YouTube videos should not be that difficult, right?

While creating a YouTube channel is not difficult at all, to make sure that you create a successful YouTube channel that has authentic viewers and maintaining a decent viewer count as well as the subscriber counts may not be as easy as it seems and would definitely need some work into it.

Let us start with the basics.

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How do you create a YouTube channel in order to grow your brand and make money?

To begin with, all of us have a Google account that we use, and if you do not, you will definitely have to get one made. After you make your Google account, this google account would automatically be used as your personal YouTube account and because you want to use this account as your business account, which is why you will have to set it up as your brand account.

Now, this may seem confusing but, go to your account page on YouTube, and select the option of creating a channel. Then, you will have the option to enter the name you would like to use for your YouTube channel and after that is done, you have created your channel! One of the perks of creating your YouTube Brand account is that you can give a number of people access to your account if you would like them to customize and change the appearance of your brand and name in accordance to your style and wishes.

This also enables you to monitor the analytics of your YouTube channel and how well you are performing, as well as even provides the demographics of your audience, and what kind of content that you post actually works for you. This will also help you gain more views on your YouTube videos as YouTube will automatically suggest your videos to your target audience which will broaden your reach.

Which brings us to the question,

how would you grow your brand as a YouTube channel, and make money out of it?

A lot of us make the mistake of starting a YouTube channel because we want to be a YouTuber, and while there is not harm in thinking that way, it also lacks the drive and passion that goes in making a successful YouTube channel in order to grow your brand. While a number of people try their best to cater to every form and type of audience, this kind of approach towards any form of social media often leads to short term success and most of the time, failure.

The motto and logic behind this are very simple, you are trying to cater to every type of audience you can find and end up literally speaking to none, which brings you back to square. Now, there is another option to buy YouTube subscribers, and often, a lot of well known YouTubers are also known to go for this option. This is because the whole process of growing an organic subscriber count would definitely take a lot of time, effort, money, equipment and patience, and most of the time, a lot of people would rather prefer to buy YouTube subscribers and bag deals with companies and brands in the niche they are making their content on.

Ensuring that you have a niche is equally important because this not only allows your brand to have value but also allows YouTube to suggest your videos to that specific target audience that will be interested in the content you create. The more centric the content of your YouTube videos are, the more audience loyalty you tend to build organically.

You know for a fact that Google is one of the largest search engines, but you know who is right after Google? Yes, you got it right, YouTube. A lot of traffic comes through the search and a huge number of people use YouTube in order to solve their questions and queries, and find solutions to their problems. This is one of the main reasons why you need to optimize your YouTube videos with the help of keywords. From the title of the YouTube video to the first hundred words of the description of your video to the remaining part of the description, all of this matters. The need to use tags is also a must.

How to make money out of your YouTube channel?

One of the best ways to monetize your YouTube channel is to gain clients from your niche. Now, this is one of the most important reasons why you need to find a niche because of the simple fact that the majority of your revenue that you will be acquiring will be from the niche your content belongs in.

YouTube ads do not give much money on the sustenance level, unless you are always posting YouTube videos and each of these YouTube videos have at least, the minimum of a few thousand views. There is no practicality in this, and you will definitely gain thrice the amount of money through your clients. Catering to the needs of your clients will not only increase your exposure but will also establish you as a brand in the market.

These were a few important points and step by step guide on how to create a YouTube channel and to grow your brand organically and will also guarantee a way to establish a source of income through your YouTube channel.


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