10 Youtube Stats: Use These For Boosting Your Business


YouTube has made it possible for advertisers to advertise on their posts, allowing content makers to make a living simply by creating videos.

This crowdfunding potential has encouraged content creators to create the most engaging videos feasible and post them on the internet, allowing YouTube to be the world’s second most exploited website and second most popular search engine.

Check out these statistics about the platform’s smartphone use, trends, subscriber rise, overall use, and history to help you develop your YouTube subscribers or convince your manager to direct more of your efforts toward the video website.

10 Essential YouTube Stats You Must Know in 2021

Active Users every month

As of the most recent YouTube figures, the video-sharing site will have 2.3 billion subscribers globally by 2021. It is considered the second most influential social network, with only Facebook having more daily members than YouTube.

These 2.3 billion users are described as site visitors who log in at least once every month. Given that YouTube videos can be watched without requiring a Google account, such as through the autoplay option of WhatsApp, YouTube’s scope is potentially greater.

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Second Most Popular Social Media Platform

While the first YouTube figure we posted didn’t pique your interest, this one would. 79% of internet users claim to have a YouTube account.

YouTube, established in 2005 by 3 former PayPal workers, has expanded at an unprecedented rate over the years. Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube in 2006, and it currently serves as one of Google’s subsidiaries. From its inception, YouTube’s goal has been to provide consumers with quick and convenient video access, as well as the opportunity to upload videos regularly. And it has evolved above all expectations since then.

Second Most Popular Search Engine

YouTube is not only the 2nd most popular social media site, but it is also the 2nd most popular search engine after Google.

In reality, it gets more monthly searches than AOL, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, and all combined.

YouTube Statistics

How did YouTube become so famous, and how does it get billions of YouTube views nearly every day?

We have to look at the statistics more closely to understand this. YouTube is not only distributed in over 100 nations but it is also translated into all of them. This assumes that the network adapts to the various languages of the markets in which it operates.

Users Watch Youtube Videos Daily

Nearly every day, one billion hours of content are watched on YouTube, resulting in billions of views. Let’s crunch the numbers. If every human on the planet viewed a video, it would amount to approximately 8.4 minutes a day per person.

That is a staggering figure that just adds to the reputation of video as a source of information for users. Another fascinating finding is that, as per, searches for the words “how-to” are increasing by 70% year over year. This suggests that when people are looking for new ways to read, they turn to video content.

Business on Youtube

If the value of virtual content becomes more apparent, a growing number of companies are moving to video. According to figures, 62 % of companies use YouTube as a medium to share video content. It is the second most common outlet for companies to post video content, behind only Facebook.

YouTube has grown in popularity as a forum for personal video sharing, but it has also proven to be a reliable tool for companies. Lately, an increasing number of companies have begun to use YouTube as a medium for communicating with current clients and exposing themselves to new customers.

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Mobile Youtube Over Desktop Youtube

All over everything, mobile is first. We are wasting more time than it has ever been on our tablets. As a result, the following YouTube statistics should come as no shock. Smart devices account for more than 70% of YouTube watch time (YouTube, 2019).

You and your company clearly cannot afford to neglect the tremendous potential that smartphones have for increasing the popularity of your company’s channel. It is clear that smartphone views have risen much faster than desktop viewing, and as a result, it is critical to keep up with mobile video patterns to provide viewers with the videos that they want to experience.

New Products on Youtube

Video is an extremely effective marketing medium.  90 percent of users claim they find new brands or goods on YouTube. Although it does not persuade them to purchase the goods or services, it helps convey the message. Consumers depend on video content at any stage of the purchasing process. Advertisers would find this detail incredibly useful.

720,000 hours of YouTube videos Uploaded Daily

Every other minute, 500 hours of video are posted to YouTube around the world. Each hour, 30,000 hours of video are posted. Every day, 720,000 hours of video were posted to YouTube. That’s incredible. To place this in context, it will take you almost 82 years to see all of the videos posted to YouTube in an hour. That’s a generation of YouTube viewing.

Most Popular Platform for US Users

When that comes to online streaming video consumption in the United States, social media outlets outperform the nation’s largest news sites as the most common platforms from which users access it. YouTube is by far the most powerful of them, with 9 out of 10 streaming media audiences in the United States using the site to access digital video content.


YouTube is the best entertainment platform for the future generation. It’s been that way for several years. This is why you and your company should be mindful of these significant YouTube figures so that you can not ignore YouTube in your marketing plan. We hope that these ten YouTube figures for 2021 have helped to understand why your brand should indulge in YouTube and how you can ensure that your dollars are being used effectively.


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