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How to Record a Presentation with DemoCreator


Capturing the attention of your audience during a presentation requires a visually appealing presentation that keeps the audience interested in the topic while enjoying the graphically captivating slides. Wondershare DemoCreator comes to our rescue in this regard by providing its users with the possibility to convert slides into high-quality videos.

Making Your Presentation Look Different

During any presentation, a personal touch is always required to keep the audience engaged at all times. DemoCreator screen recorder and video editor go beyond capturing slide templates.

In times of COVID, when the world has gone virtual, a real feel to your PowerPoint screen recording can be added using Demo Creator as a user can add voiceover and record their webcam along with a PowerPoint presentation, therefore, giving a more personal touch to the slides. This is important to grasp the attention of your audience, while expressively and elaborately presenting the topic.

Stepwise Guide to Record a PowerPoint Presentation 

It’s simple to turn any PowerPoint slide into an eye-catching video. To make it even more convenient for our users, here is a stepwise guide:

  1. Launch DemoCreator& Setup Recorder: Demo Creator offers a screen recorder for pc. This screen recorder feature is an all-in-one solution as it provides the feature of recording the Webcam Stream, capturing the desktop screen, and the option to do both as well. The ability to add picture-in-picture gives the viewer the ability to connect with you as you showcase your presentation.

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Once you double-click “Wondershare Demo Creator”, the software will start running and a screen displaying the option of “New Recording” and “Video Editor” will open. Click on “New Recording” to use the screen recording feature of DemoCreator.


These screen recordings can be saved and can be exported for sharing or can be edited post-recording.

  1. Record Your PowerPoint Presentation: When you launch the screen recorder, a box will appear on your computer screen. The box dimensions can be changed to fit around your PowerPoint slides or detect the frame if you choose the recording area to select a target size later.


Options to change screen resolution, and other screen, mic, and audio settings are also available in this tab.


  1. Record Your PowerPoint Presentation: The audio and camera setting tab allows users to include their voice in the recording. You can choose an audio source for narration. It allows users to record their webcam and narration giving a standard slideshow a more personal and authentic feel.

demo creator wonder share

Showing the actual presentation with your face and voice connects the viewer to your topic, grabbing their attention and improving comprehension of your key points.

Once everything is decided, simply click ‘Rec’ to begin recording your PowerPoint. A countdown will flash across the screen and the screen will start recording.


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Adding Effects Using the Video Editor

Multi-Track editing: When you finish recording, WondershareDemoCreator will enter the video editing interface.


Multi-track editing allows users to edit the audio, recorded screen, and webcam recording separately. This feature is very useful, especially if a user wants to add a voiceover in a presentation as you can add a separate audio file and adjust its speed and timings with the screen recording and/or webcam recording. As a content creator or social media influencer, this idea often comes in handy.

Edit your screen recording:         DemoCreator is a feature-rich video editor which can help you enhance your recording and improve your presentation by adding transitions, removing noise, cropping some unwanted parts, or adding audio to other parts.

  • Video Editor provides users with the option to cut, remove the part they want to delete, or simply split the video.


Pan and Zoom: Pan and zoom on particular points in a PowerPoint slide to indicate to the audience the part of the slide that you are explaining.

This feature is truly essential in a PowerPoint presentation being presented virtually as sometimes the audience is unable to understand which part of the slide is under discussion and by zooming in, a certain point can be highlighted. This makes it easier for the audience to follow along during the presentation.


  • Insert: Sometimes you need to add some part of a different video in your presentation for reference, or simply add another video for elaboration in your presentation. The insert tab allows you to add previous recordings or add a video file to enhance your PowerPoint presentation. Click “Import” and select the files or folder you want to import.


Transitions: DemoCreator provides a long list of transitions you can use in the video editor to enhance your PowerPoint.


VoiceOver: Voiceover is a feature that is of great importance for most content creators and social media influencers as most vlogs are usually captured as videos only and later voiceover is added to them to capture the attention of the audience and give a more elaborate understanding of the video.

If you forgot something to say or want to redo your voice over a section of your recording, you can click on ‘Voice Recorder’ to re-record your audio narration.


Publish and Share your PowerPoint Video

In an era where everything is becoming virtual, the need to provide a more realistic experience virtually is increasing. DemoCreator provides a feature-rich environment that can be used to record a captivating PowerPoint presentation that can be published on almost all online forums or simply for use in a professional presentation.


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