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The Best Writing Paper Apps for Students

Have you ever sat in front of a screen with no idea where to start with an essay assignment or read your work afterward and wondered if it makes sense? This is a challenge that faces many students, and you are not alone, having found yourself in that situation. It is a source of frustration that befalls many people while studying.

Fortunately, in the age of technology, there are lots of apps that could make the writing process easier for you:

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When it comes to finding the most efficient tools to aid students in their writing endeavors. The best custom essay writing services at Myassignmenthelp offer an array of writing paper apps. Transitioning from traditional pen and paper to digital platforms has revolutionized the way students approach their assignments.

With these apps, students can enhance their writing skills, improve productivity, and ensure the quality of their work. Whether it’s organizing ideas, conducting research, or polishing the final draft. These writing paper apps provide valuable assistance throughout the entire writing process.

Let’s delve into the world of these innovative apps and explore the best custom writing services that offer them to students seeking seamless and effective writing experiences.

Get help with Grammarly

The intricacies of grammar in English are challenging to learn. It seems that for each rule, there is a laundry list of exceptions and knowing when to apply them is something that even native speakers might find difficult. This is where online tools like Grammarly come into play and can be a lifesaver.

Grammar counts in your essays, and if yours is weak, it could affect the final grade. Grammarly allows you to ensure that what you write adheres to standard writing and grammar conventions. The app points out spelling and punctuation errors, offers synonyms for words used too frequently, and helps you correct sentences that lack conciseness.

Some of these features are only available in Grammarly’s premium version. However, you will soon realize that it is money well spent when you see how much Grammarly improves your writing standard combined with the basic note-taking app Evernote.

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Ask for writing help with your paper

Apps like Grammarly and Hemingway are only as good as the algorithms that govern them. Therefore, do not blindly follow each suggestion they make as it could affect a sentence’s context and confuse the reader.

Your paper is due to be read by a human being, not a computer algorithm. Therefore, sometimes the best option for students struggling with writing their papers is to get assistance from professional, academic writers. On more than one occasion, I lacked time to write a text, so I choose to utilize experts at EduBirdie to get the paper written for me. It is preferable to handing in substandard work that could affect my grades.

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Hemingway for additional language checks

Many writers make common mistakes like using too many adverbs to describe verbs where they could make more robust verb choices. For example, instead of saying walked quickly, you could say strode.

This is something that Hemingway points out to writers, in addition to the use of passive voice. While passive voice is necessary to vary your sentence format and maintain the reader’s interest, it should not be used too often.

Hemingway allocates a certain number of adverbs and passive voice uses for your text, depending on its length. When you see there are too many, you can review your writing and make some changes.

The app also rates your writing’s grade level based on its complexity, giving you an insight into whether your text is too convoluted or straightforward. Using the guidelines Hemingway provides, you can create a balance that offers various sentence styles.

iA Writer

iA Writer app gives students insight into which fonts and styles are most appealing to the reader’s eye. It also helps you identify gratuitous use of adjectives, weak verbs, and words you have repeated.

Users cannot stop raving about how much iA Writer has made the process easier for them and how they see it as one of the best apps for college students. However, it does not come cheap and will cost about $30 to purchase. If you are worried about buying it without first testing it, iA Writer comes with a free trial period, except for those who download it from Apple’s App Store./p>

Google documents

Google users have found the platform’s documents set up to be ideal for collaborative projects. The documents can be accessed by authorized users, edited, and saved for others to see. It saves meeting in the library to put a paper together or assign tasks.

Like other word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Google Documents has a spelling and grammar check function. It might not be as intensive as an app like Grammarly but will point out basic errors, many of which could be down to typing errors.


Several other apps that can help students with their writing skills are an online search away. Whichever you choose to use to augment your written style, do not look at them solely as tricks to improve your writing. Learn lessons along the way from corrections they offer so that you do not repeat them. Think of these apps as a tutor who gives you the necessary support to up your writing game.


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