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What Does The Current Market Expect From B.Tech Graduates?


Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech is a popular degree in the field of engineering and technology. Students who are keen on pursuing job roles in the technology and development sector can take up this course.

B.Tech acts as a brilliant platform that helps in imbibing all the technical skills and theoretical knowledge useful in gaining a strong footing in the tech industry. Although, if you want to truly outshine among competitors, you have to develop various other skills that are expected in an engineer. Irrespective of the sector you choose, such expertise holds tremendous value and are highly desired by employers.

Aspiring candidates also need to go through B. Tech course details to get a better idea of the entire curriculum. While the emphasis on theory is essential, practical training to better understand different software and hardware is an important part of the program. This way students get to understand how tools are operated in various fields.

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B.Tech comes with a vast range of specialization ranging from aerospace engineering, civil engineering to business analytics and optimization, big data, and cybersecurity and forensics. While engineering has always been considered the core sector for B.Tech degree holders, they don’t have to limit themselves to this field and can be a part of the consultancy and management sector or even try for government roles Given the competitive nature of the current market, B. Tech graduates have to focus on various other aspects while looking for a job role. If you want to make a good impression on your prospective employer, then aside from holding a relevant degree, you must focus on the below skills:

  • Communication- Being able to articulate ideas and converse easily with clients and other stakeholders will certainly help you to gain leverage in this industry. Employers also are keener on hiring candidates that have excellent communication skills.
  • Core knowledge- B.Tech has various specializations and students must have in-depth knowledge of all the necessary fundamentals in their field of study. For example, a Mechanical Engineer must have an understanding of fluid mechanics and also alternative energy techniques.
  • Analytical thinking- Another important competency is the ability to be able to think creatively and in an analytical manner. Engineers encounter issues of different nature in their profession and they have to come up with creative and innovative solutions to troubleshoot these problems.
  • Multidisciplinary exposure- Modern day workplace requires people in different job positions to come together and work on a project. Engineers have to work in teams that have designers, project managers, marketing heads and several other professionals from different divisions. This means basic knowledge of the nature of these other job roles would ensure you are on the same page as everyone else. Hence, engineers must have exposure to multi-disciplinary skills and tasks which will put them in a better position to work on team projects.
  • Application of knowledge- The key to successfully carrying out engineering job roles is to use skills at the right place and get optimum solutions. Along with having full knowledge of the core subject, you must also have the ability to use it in real-time problems.

B.Tech programs offered by UPES ensure that students imbibe all the above expertise during course training and get to practically apply them at work. The field is a perfect choice for anyone who has a great interest in technology and is interested in the field of science.


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