Tutoring vs. Professional Writing Agencies


Students face multiple impediments and some of them are too difficult to handle alone. Accordingly, they commonly seek professional online assistance to overcome those impediments. There are two options to employ professionals. The first option is to use the assistance of a custom writing agency.

If you claim “I’ll pay someone to write my paper”, you should choose a respectful and trustworthy writing platform. We recommend, which helps to handle any challenge, and for more information visit You’ll be pleasantly impressed with the opportunities it provides. It has the necessary resources to satisfy the highest expectations of students.

Another similar way is to hire a private tutor. There are many solo helpers who are likewise educated, skilled, and reliable. This guest post highlights the main advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Tutoring Assistance: What to Know?

Tutors were popular in previous centuries as well. Rich people hired them to educate their children at home. Nowadays, this format is kept but is changed. Previously, a single person taught different disciplines alone.  Tips for Writing a Quality Custom Essay

However, the knowledge of tutors was basic in most disciplines and many disciplines they didn’t know at all. Today, every tutor is an approved specialist in his/her majors and can teach a student everything that is required by the standard curriculum and even more. Nonetheless, there are definite drawbacks. Let’s check all pros and cons.


  • Dependable support;
  • Unique papers;
  • Help with any piece of writing;
  • Various academic skills.

An educated tutor can help to write real masterpieces. They’ll be unique and he/she can develop different learning skills. You only should tell what’s your problem and predetermine the time for tutoring assistance.


  • Lack of time;
  • Expensive prices;
  • A limited number of disciplines.

Let’s dwell upon the possible drawbacks. A single person cannot be available 24/7. Thus, students cannot receive assistance if they have urgent assignments. Besides, one person knows one or several disciplines.

For example, a historian knows the only history. Things go better if you hire a mathematician because he/she also knows algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, and even computer science. Nevertheless, he/she doesn’t know the history and similar disciplines. Accordingly, it’s necessary to find and hire other tutors whose assistance is pretty expensive.

A Professional Paper Writing Agency: Is It Worth a Try?

Now, we’d like to analyze the possibilities of writing agencies. First of all, we’d like to review the advantages. These are as follows:

  • High quality;
  • Unique papers;
  • On-time deliveries;
  • Help with any piece of writing;
  • Various academic skills;
  • Affordable prices;
  • 24/7 availability.

Professional custom writing platforms are more resourceful because they have hundreds of writers. Accordingly, students may count on academic help with any discipline. You’re welcome to request help with mathematics, history, engineering, marketing, business, and so on.

A big writing staff means great flexibility. Students don’t have to wait until their turn comes. There are many active writers who are ready to accept the orders. Their skills are efficient to meet the toughest deadline. Such platforms are available 24 hours round the clock. Besides, professional platforms offer customers’ support. If you don’t understand or cannot find something on the website, qualified consultants will provide you with detailed explanations. Tutors cannot provide such consultations.

Another important condition is flexible pricing. Highly reputed platforms set relatively cheap prices to satisfy the financial needs of ordinary students. Moreover, every order is 100% customizable. This sets you in full charge of the final cost. You should fill out the application form and provide the most important facts, which are the quality, type, deadline, and length of your assignment. These features shape the final cost and if you require a cheaper proposal, change any of them.


  • Many faking websites;
  • Lack of certain conditions;
  • The need to spend time searching.

When we told about the advantages, we meant trustworthy, efficient, and legal writing agencies. Unfortunately, there are many faking websites that are illegal. They simply steal the money of incautious students. Other websites are legal, but may frequently write papers of poor quality.

Besides, such websites lack certain guarantees and conditions. For example, they may specialize only in exact sciences or in only natural sciences. Sometimes, they don’t provide monetary compensation, etc. These probabilities make students spend some time researching. They ought to study multiple writing agencies and compare them to identify a credible and suitable helping agency.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Evaluate them to make the right choice. We think that professional writing agencies are better. They possess more resources and don’t delay. Their prices are cheaper and they propose a lot of conditions. If you find a trustworthy platform, you don’t have to worry about deadlines, uniqueness, or quality. You only should find some time to study the possible options and find the most suitable custom agency.

Kimberly Austin is an academic writer at a custom writing service that provides college students with writing assistance. Kimberly started her writing career as a freelance writer. Having received experience in this field, she decided to take the next step and join the expert staff at


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