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The 10 Best iOS Apps For Designers

The iPhone has remained one of the most reputable smartphones in the market. This is not just because it has a great design, but because it offers great applications for everyone. Whatever professionals you are in, you will find applications in the store that you can use to meet your needs.

There is a wide range of applications available today including ones for designers. While there are Android apps that are freely available, the iPhone apps remain some of the best creative apps for designers. Here at Edu Jungles, we have taken time to examine different iOS apps for design. The following are some of the most outstanding iOS apps for designers.


1. Affinity Designer

The Affinity Designer app has taken the precision of the desktop version and moved it to the iPad. Individuals who are used to the power of the desktop in the design process will find this app suitable. Affinity Designer is one of the design apps that work effectively in the iPad and offer almost the same experience to individuals using the desktop.

The app is perfect for any form of workflow and offers a user-friendly interface to both novice and expert users. The availability of more than 100 brushes is critical in allowing individuals to have a wide range of choice when designing. The app keeps on being updated to fix bugs and other issues that users have raised. Hence, when using the newer version of the app, you are assured of high performance.

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2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the most useful graphic design apps for vector artists. The customizable brushes make it easier to draw and style art. Adobe has gone ahead and included basic shape stencils which include squares, circles, and polygons to make it possible for designers to undertake their work at a higher speed.

The Adobe Illustrator Draw is a one-stop-shop for creators. It has everything illustrators require like flat artwork, hence making it possible to draw with vectors, access loyalty-free images, and also the ability to sync assets meant to appear in your workflow anytime you need them. The ability to mix photos with vector drawing layers it critical in allowing designers to customize images into the desired final product. For those who need detailed perfection, Adobe Illustrator Draw is the best option. It allows creators to zoom 64x to view tiny details.

3. Assembly

The increase in the number of iOS design apps that want to be desktop products has caused complexity that iOS is supposed to avoid in the first place. The creators of Assembly have taken a different approach that offers simplicity, whereby novice creators can use the app while at the same time jobbing designers can find value in the app. On launching the app for the first time, you will find some basic instructions that will assist you to become familiar with the app.

The tutorials are detailed which will allow you to grasp the basics that you need to use the app. Assembly makes it easy for users to try new drawings due to the availability of more than 200 shapes which offers them a wide range of choices. Creators have the freedom to rearrange, resize and rotate the shapes and customize them accordingly. If you are looking for designing on-the-go, then we would recommend that you use Assembly.


4. Trello

A huge number of experts from different areas advise this service. Professional writers from specialized services such as constantly use this application inside their company. Therefore, if you need to work with other individuals on a design project, especially when working on large and complex ideas. Coming up with excellent designs would require you to consult other experienced designers. In this case, you need to identify graphic design apps for iOS that allow you to collaborate with other designers to enable you to complete your project as planned.

Trello is one of the apps that you can utilize when coordinating big project design with other creators because it makes it easy to invite others to the project you are working on. The app has been optimized to work effectively on the iPad Pro hence allowing you to take advantage of the larger screen to undertake your designs. The app is freely available which offers an alternative to individuals who do not wish to purchase expensive apps. Hence, is a must-have for the designers who wish to collaborate with their colleagues especially when dealing.

5. Exify

For individuals involved in photography, Exify is a crucial app because it comes with a collection of tools that may enhance their work. The app has a clean aesthetic layout that not only makes it appealing to the eye but also intuitive to use. The app has a black background which enables your photos to remain the primary focus of your work. The light green icons offer a good contrast to the rest of the overall theme.

Color is crucial in photography and that is why the app has rich RGB graphics so that you decide on the most appropriate colors for your photos. The magnification tool is critical since it allows you to view more details about the image. The scrolling of the images is easy making it easy to navigate through your library. The ability of the app to handle bigger libraries is an advantage to photographers who have a large collection of images.

6. Procreate

Procreate offers a powerful tool for individuals doing sketching and painting. The interface of the app is simple to offer the best experience to the users. When you are looking for an app for designing, you would like to work with one that is intuitive and responsive which makes Procreate a choice. The well-thought-our user interface offers designers a platform to get into the design process right away.

The responsiveness of Procreate is amazing since you will experience zero stroke lag when using this app. Furthermore, precision is essential when designing and Procreate has s streaming feature that would allow you to automatically correct the straws you draw. The app will allow you to highlight a particular area for editing without affecting the entire canvas. The availability of hundreds of brushes gives you the freedom to come up with different designs.

7. Pixelmator

Mobile phones and some tablets have cameras that rival the point-n-shoot cameras that are available on the market. Hence, the availability of cameras on these devices has prompted the creation of various photo-editing apps for iOS. Pixelmator is one of the design apps for individuals dealing with images.

The app offers a wide range of tools that enable you to apply filters and trim your photos to make them look great.For instance, the curves adjustment enables a user to adjust the color channels of an image. You can also apply filters to make your image look incredible. The app is powerful without being too complex for users. It is amazing how the app makers have managed to achieve such a level of simplicity with such a powerful app.


8. Grain Edit

James Palomino from Write My Essay service says that this app will be useful for designers who wish to bring illustrations in their work. Creative artists, for instance, those doing Web design, Grain Edit would be of great help. A lot of work has gone to the design of the app which allows users to have a great experience using it.

Grain Edit allows users to create vibrant logos due to the various design options provided. Making company logos is a tedious process since creators have to come up with unique designs. The ability of the app to recreate the 50s to 70s touch is essential because it facilitates users to come up with appealing designs. The inbuilt creative ideas and tips will enable you to enhance your designs.

9. POP

Have you ever had an idea but you did not know how to transform it from a paper sketch to a useful product? DO not worry anymore because POP offers an ingenious for prototyping apps. In this case, you do not need to know how to code; as long as you have a pencil, paper, and an idea, POP will do the rest for you. The process commences with a sketch of ideas on a paper or whiteboard.

Take photos of the sketches you have made with POP then add any links that are useful. The app will then transform these basic sketches into something tangible. You can then share the ideas with others. In a world where individuals need to make a presentation of their idea, then POP is a must-have. If you have struggled in the past with sketching ideas, install this app and you will not regret it.

10. Adobe Color

The last graphic design app in this article is Adobe Color. The color of images is essential in determining how users will perceive your design skills. Users need to see that you have used the right combination of colors in your images and other designs. If you struggle with designs that make extensive use of colors, then Adobe Color is for you.

The app allows users to extract color themes from different sources and refine them accordingly. Adobe Color makes use of the color theory to enable creators to come up with the most appropriate color combinations. The outcome is going to be something that will be incredible. Do not struggle any longer with colors, Adobe Color will sort you out.

Final Words

Conclusively, there are plenty of apps for designers for iOS available on iTunes. Due to a large number of apps available, it is critical to identify the best apps that meet your needs. You do not have the time to try all the apps available hence it is important to identify the best apps. The review that we have provided here will assist you to choose the apps that best meet your design needs. Before installing an app on your device, you need to ensure that it has what it takes to facilitate your design process.


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