Get Your Own MTA Certification through Microsoft Exam 98-365 with the Aid of Practice Tests


It’s true that creating a mark in the field of IT is never an easy task; it’s actually way more challenging than you think. But the great thing is that everyone was once a beginner, hence everything can be learned―as long as you put great effort and commitment to your goals.

One of the most acclaimed ways to establish your IT career is by getting certified by Microsoft. As a leading IT organization, it provides credentials to candidates of different expertise to mold you into a better and much more efficient professional. They have entry-level, associate-, and expert-level certifications to choose from. And if you are planning to embark on the domain of Windows Server administration, you’re lucky enough because Microsoft offers you the MTA badge in Windows Server Administration Fundamentals. Let’s learn more about this badge and its related 98-365 exam as well as see the most helpful preparation options.

The Fundamentals of Microsoft Server Administration

In every specialization that you pursue, you always have to start with the fundamentals. Knowing the principles of the area that you want to major in is truly important. Since you have chosen the path of Microsoft Server administration, then you have to know its key concepts and features. These are the important things that you’ll encounter and polish with exam 98-365.

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• Server installation

Mastering the features of server installation has a great impact on your exam success and real-world pursuits. This is where everything starts in server administration―how you efficiently manage and install device drivers, distinguish the right service for server status, and know all the key server installation options.

• Server functions

Once you understand the basic server installation, you will then need to go through different server roles. These may include identification of app servers, recovery options, remote access, server virtualization, print features, and Web services.

• Storage technologies

Also part of server fundamentals is storage. This is where you will have to dig into various storage features and usage scenarios, including local storage, iSCSI hardware, and Fibre Channel. Comprehension of different disk types and RAID redundancy is also important.

• Server performance

It’s a notable advantage if you have an in-depth familiarity with core server hardware components, including ports, memory, network, disk, power usage, and the like. This will assist you when applying performance monitoring.

• Server maintenance

Server maintenance is a key aspect of any business. It’s not enough that you know how to install and deal with various server functions; you should learn how to keep the server secured and protected. By following standard troubleshooting methodology, you can smoothly identify issues and create necessary updates and processes needed for business continuity.

• Active Directory

Also known as AD, Active Directory is an essential directory service utilized for different domain networks. It’s incorporated in most Windows Server OS to provide the core processes and services. Because of its importance, you should keep an eye on different account types and groups, as well as organizational containers and group policies. Lastly, knowledge about the entire AD infrastructure and its related features will help you prepare for your MTA exam and the real-world issues.

All the listed topics and necessary updates are available on the Microsoft website. So, don’t forget to download the latest content for exam 98-365 before creating your study plan.

Recommended Background Before Taking the Exam

Candidates for exam 98-365 are expected to be familiar with Windows Server as a whole, along with its basic functionalities such as account management, system recovery, and Active Directory. In case you don’t have a prior background of these terminologies and technologies, don’t fret because there are lots of available materials online and offline that will provide you with relevant knowledge. Firstly, Microsoft itself provides the applicants with several preparation options such as practice tests and an exam community. But don’t hesitate to add some third-party study materials like books from Amazon, training videos on YouTube and practice tests for 98-365 exam from other resources.

Must-try Practice Tests for Exam 98-365

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of mock tests. These are the missing piece to pass your certification exam in just one attempt. Choosing the most reliable practice tests, however, can be a challenge itself. You should only pick those that have been proven and tested by exam takers.
And when it comes to Microsoft exams, most candidates would use the website to unlock more of their technical skills.

This online platform provides examinees like you with the chance to polish their abilities through real exam questions. By answering these questions compiled by different people around the world, you build up not just your exam mastery but also your confidence in acing the test. And the best thing is that you can practice even without any expenses while there are free practice tests in the vce format at ExamSnap and a free version of the VCE Exam Simulator. This software will give you an insight into what you’re going to face on your main assessment because it mimics the real exam environment.

If you need something more, you can buy a Premium Bundle which includes the expert-verified and recently updated practice test, a study guide, and a training course. Although you will be given all the right answers, you seriously need to work hard and understand every corner of the exam objectives using these trial tests as review materials. So whatever question may be thrown at you, you will be able to answer with ease and conviction.

Continued Relevance in the Industry

Though most MCSA certification exams are set to be withdrawn in January 31, 2021, there are no reports about the MTA credentials getting retired soon. This means that these certifications are still relevant among IT professionals. But of course, you have to ensure that your Microsoft credentials reflect the latest advancements. Always be updated with the changes and keep climbing above the competition so you stay current and competent.


Excelling in your chosen career is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes a series of sacrifices in order to improve your knowledge and skills. And these sacrifices will be rewarded by recognized certifications. Therefore, if you want to become an expert, you have to start validating your abilities as early as now! Pass exam 98-365 with the help of the most actual and valid practice tests, earn your MTA certification and continue with your IT specialization.


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