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Ways to Play GBA Games on your Android Device


GBA games are very much famous and one of the most played game series in the world. The game was first released in Japan on 21st March 2001. The game is manufactured by Nintendo. The game is played in different countries by millions of users. The GBA game is a type of video game that is played by millions of users in this world just because of its features and effects. With successive users and regular updates, the company is excelling worldwide. The GBA game is the first choice of game lovers in the world.

There are some of the ways which should be followed while you are going to play this game on your android phone. You can access this game easily on your PC, but you have to follow some of the points with which you will be able to play GBA games on your android phone.

How to Play GBA Games on your Android Device

Here are some of the ways following which one can play games on an android device. Most people don’t know the fact that they can download GBA games on their android phone. Besides PC, we can enjoy playing GBA games on our android phone. The following ways will tell us how we can download GBA games on our android phone. Recommended: Top 10 Apps for Cleaning MAC 2020

Step 1

The very first thing which every game lover should know is that the game is not available on Google Play. There is another way with which we can download this game on our android phone. We have to permit our phone so that the application of the game can be downloaded from outside the marketplace. To proceed, first enter in the ‘settings’ and tap on the ‘application’. After tapping on the applications, tick on the ‘unknown source.’

Step 2

You can search the game from another source and you will find the APK file of the game there. The APK file can be downloaded directly to the pc or directly to the phone. If you are downloading the file in your PC, then copy the same in the SD card of your mobile phone and the game will be transferred automatically to the phone. After getting the app on the phone, install it. If you have downloaded the file directly to your phone, then you will need the help of the ZIP file manager. Using that, you can easily install the file in your android phone.

Step 3

After downloading the file to your android phone, the next step is about having a GBA BIOS file. You are supposed to locate it, download it and install it by yourself as there is the copyright of Nintendo over the code. You will be not able to find the exact location of the code also. You can get it if you are a little expert in searching for things on Google. Download “gba.bios.bin” to your pc or you can also download it directly to your android phone. After that it will ask for the BIOS, so hit the browse button select the file you have just acquired.

Step 4

The process is almost accomplished and you need to just search for the source file out of the internet. You are supposed to put the file in the safest location of the SD card. The games here are known as ROMs and they are very easy to be located. You can tap on it and start playing the game. The game will start and you will be able to play it and enjoy the controls of the play by your own choice of setting. The internal settings of the game are solely upon your choice and need.

These are the steps that should be followed by the users so that they can download the GBA game in their android phone and play. There is no need to worry if you have downloaded the game in your PC as you can easily transfer the file from your PC to your android phone using USB or SD card. The game is popular worldwide and hence there is the demand for this game. Most people keep android phones with them so they must know the ways with which they can download GBA games and play it on their android phone.


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