How Instagram is Reshaping Today’s Education System


Now the Internet is significantly changing the education system and has a strong influence on it. Students use various applications and sites for training, and can also easily get ready-made papers at college essay writing service WriteMyEssayOnline. Students tirelessly continue to find educational channels where no one expects to see them – for example, on Telegram or on Twitter. But we go further and now, already such a social network for sharing photos as Instagram has begun to influence education and offer educational resources.

We want to illustrate the impact of Instagram on the education system by providing a selection of accounts about education: from space to local history and we hope you will be interested.


Metropolitan Museum

In the account of the largest museum, existing on donations from sponsors and philanthropists, there are images and videos of exhibits from all over the world: from masks of the tribes of Equatorial Africa to the little-known works of Van Gogh.

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The Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Instagram contains the best exhibits of the main art museum in France. In addition, the official Louvre account can be used as an auxiliary resource for learning French.

British Museum

2,000,000 years of mankind’s history and culture from East to West in one Instagram: from Egyptian hieroglyphs to the legendary posters of Andy Warhol.

Ai Weiwei

Let’s change the direction and talk about the artists themselves. Maybe the most acclaimed of the living is the Chinese master Ai Weiwei. He exhibits new works, not all that regularly, yet he positively observes the world in an unexpected way.



An official NASA account with the latest news on the exploration of the Universe, interesting notes about space objects and videos of the rocket launch.

International Space Station

The Instagram of the International Space Station is mainly devoted to the astronauts who live on it. The authors also pay attention to space technology and science: they talk about the internal mechanisms of the station, as well as about the experiments that are conducted on it.

Curiosity Rover

While you are flipping through the tape, the Curiosity rover photographs the soil of Mars and transfers images to Earth. This unofficial Instagram contains the best shots of the Martian life of the robot.

Historical Projects


The official account of the Arzamas educational publication will appeal to people with a heightened sense of beauty. The authors spread the work of little-known artists in a wide range of artists, share interesting details of the life of people of past eras, and also announce new events and courses of the project.

National Geographic Travel

We can’t do without recognized Instagram leaders anyway. One of the National Geographic travel projects has just pulled in about 10 million followers. There is an entire story beside each shot, so you can generally gain some new useful knowledge. We won’t even say a word about the stunning quality of the photographs.

Also, if this account appears to be excessively “journalistic” to you, subscribe to one of those individuals who take these photos. For instance, to an individual profile of picture taker Corey Richards, and there you will discover many interesting things.


A bit about the classics. Magnum somewhat about the works of art. You might not have heard anything about the Magnum cooperative, yet you must have seen their photos. This is an association of photographic-artists who took the most acclaimed pictures throughout the entire existence of humanity. For instance, Che Guevara with a cigar or a man in front of tanks. Now Magnum leads their Instagram, where they share new creations. Trust me, these photos worth it to follow the account.

Historical Pics

If you want the photos to be lesser-known, subscribe to this account. Here are only documented pictures, every one of which will significantly amaze you. From the first-ever inline skates to a three-story bike and a human cannon.



There is the Smithsonian University in Washington, where the well-known college journal is published. So famous that thousands of individuals follow its Instagram. For 50 years now, the journal itself has been writing about scientific issues. Its “business card” is excellent pictures that fall into Instagram.

Now, the journal itself has been writing about scientific issues. Its “business card” is excellent pictures that fall into Instagram.


New York Public Library

The New York Public Library shares unique archival photographs, newspaper and magazine covers, and posters that help you understand the everyday life of past centuries. But special attention should be paid to the touching requests of library visitors.

Library of Congress

The largest library in the world tells not only about what can be found in their archives but also about all educational events organized by employees.

In General

Instagram has significantly influenced the education system now. Previously, no one could have imagined that in such an entertainment network as Instagram you can find something useful, and not just a photo of your neighbor.

We hope that after reading the article you will not only understand what changes Instagram has brought into the field of education but also find a useful account suitable for you.


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