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The Ultimate Guide to Business Analytics Certification

Business Analytics refers to the study of data through statistical analysis, the development of predictive models and the implementation of optimization techniques. It adopts quantitative methods, and data require evidence to construct business models and make rational decisions.

The need for smarter, faster, data-based choices is only going to increase with an upsurge in digital information. Such data is being utilized in major industries across the globe, leading to a rise in the demand for professionals who possess the skills to utilize available information in an effective way. It is the reason why business analytics certification programs are growing in prominence due to this rapid digitalization.


At present, there is a surfeit of data available to businesses in every aspect of their operations. In order to make sense of those numbers, a business needs professional having a certification in business analytics who can crunch the data to provide actionable insights.

What is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst is someone who understands a company’s moving parts, evaluating what changes to make, why they are made, and how it will affect operations. Another crucial aspect of being a business analyst is to collaborate with IT to further improve the existing structures.

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A business analyst must have excellent communication skills as they work closely with cross-functional teams to identify their organization’s best solutions.

If you enjoy contemplating critically and are interested in learning to analyze issues using different techniques, you must look out for business analytics certifications online. Such a program will drive your career path and will fill the gaps in your curriculum vitae and help you learn essential skills. There are many specialized business analytics certifications for decision making to operations analytics, which ensures your readiness.

Getting a certification in business analytics is a great way to build credibility in this field. Organizations are concerned about listening to real-life examples of how you have utilized your business analysis skills in the past. A business analytics certification validates your skills as an analyst.

Benefits of Business Analytics

Companies adopt professionals who have a certification in Business Analytics to facilitate data-drivendecisions.The insight achieved with the help of business analytics allows companies to optimize their different processes to deliver better results and thus make a competitive advantage.

A few duties of business analysts:

  • Perform data mining and explore new data to find new patterns and relations
  • Conduct statistical and quantitative analysis to provide explanations for specific events
  • A / B testing and multivariate testing to assess previous decisions
  • Use predictive analytics to find future probabilities

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Growing Your Career with a Certification in Business Analytics

Graduating from a Business Analytics certification program will lead to many job opportunities with a lot of transferable skills. If you choose to engage in a career with a wide range of skills and experience, you will have the flexibility to be able to change jobs along the way easily. It is a challenging but interesting path that is perfect for someone interested in a career that is rewarding and constantly changing.

In India, Jigsaw Academyprimarily offers Integrated Program in Business Analytics in collaboration with IIM Indore, which blends traditional management principles with cutting-edge technology. You will also have an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with business leaders and profit from the IIM network.

Equipped with all the skills mentioned above and choosing the best business analytics certification program, you will be able to kick start your career as a Business Analyst.


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