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GPS Trackers are Changing the World of Car Fleet Management

If your business owns a car fleet that it uses to ferry passengers or employees of your company around, you know how critical fleet management is. As a responsible business, you not only need to worry about the safe handling of your car fleet but also about the security of passengers. That is why you need to ensure well-monitored plying of vehicles, to avoid any untoward incident from happening.


Nowadays, the availability of GPS trackers is helping many companies to improve their car fleet management in an advanced way. There are also some modern GPS trackers such as KENT CamEye that you can purchase if you want more features than just GPS location tracking. The range of useful features that come with such a device can help you monitor and manage your fleet in an even more comprehensive manner.

Here are a few ways in which a smart GPS tracker can improve your car fleet management:

1. Tracking Real-Time Location

A GPS tracking device can provide real-time location details for cars from the starting point to the destination. Some devices are equipped with a dual camera that gives you a complete view of the inside & outside of a vehicle. This can help you stay informed of any contingency that may arise on the way. It will enable you to offer help to the passenger in case the driver misbehaves or causes any harm. The car camera with GPS tracker will ensure passenger security through constant real-time monitoring.

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2. Stay informed

Many drivers indulge in improper activities such as rash driving, disobeying traffic rules, taking unauthorized trips for extra income, or for running personal errands. Some keep the car AC on for long, even when they’re not driving, which leads to engine idling and extra fuel consumption. Such activities can impact your car as well as bring penalties for your fleet. It, in turn, might add to your operation and maintenance costs.

To keep you informed of such problems, a GPS tracker cum dashcam like KENT CamEye sends AI-based alerts. All these alerts will enable you to improve your car fleet management.

3. Ensuring Proper Communication

During operation hours, staying in proper contact with drivers is essential. Such high-end devices offer a two-way communication facility through an attached microphone that allows you to speak to the driver. So, when you have a car GPS tracking device in your fleet, you can keep a thorough check on the driver’s activities by ensuring proper communication.

4. Proper Recording

There may be situations when one of your cars meets with an accident, but your driver may not be at fault. However, in such cases, the other party may file a false claim against your business, and you may not be able to defend yourself without any proof.KENT CamEye, a GPS tracker cum dashcam, stores recorded videos and other data on the cloud, which you can access later up to a specific time period. When your fleet is equipped with a GPS tracker cum dashcam device, you will have proper evidence to prove your driver’s innocence through its route playback feature.

Improve Fleet Management with a GPS Tracker

GPS trackers can provide perfect solutions to many fleet management related issues. If you install a top-of-the-line security device that comes with a range of features such as dual camera, real-time alerts, and a two-way calling option, you can improve your fleet management to a great extent. So, equip your fleet with an advanced GPS tracker cum dashcam and keep your fleet as well as your passengers safe and secure.


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