Best Live Chat Website Plugin For WordPress

In today’s world where people love to shop online, it has become extremely important to have a live chat option available up on your website so that visitors can ask their queries. The live chat option is so important because 67% of the visitors leave the store and website when there is no one on the website to answer their queries and the percentage and quite alarming.

As a business, you do not want to go in loss and you need to make sure that if visitors visit your website, they make a purchase and that is possible only when you convince them good. So, it is extremely important to have a live chat option up and running on your website.

Now, comes the issue of having the perfect live chat plugin for your website but it is nothing to be worried about as we have talked about Best Live Chat Website Plugin For WordPress in this article to help our readers out and to make sure that they maximize the profits on their website. All these plugins offer great features and can be termed as premium as well. The plugins come with a wide range of support and well, what else do you need?



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WP LiveChat

This plugin is free as long as it is in trial period because as soon as the trial period ends, you will need to make a subscription and that will cost you something. The trial period is for 30 days and you can easily make a decision if the plugin works fine for you or not. With this plugin, users will be able to send out chat invitations to induce chatting and the personalized message option is also there so that users can personalize the messages according to their industry and varying niche.

WP LiveChatThe in-built ticketing system has been incorporated into the website to allow the continuous 24 x 7 support through the replacement of chat widgets in case the absence of a live chat agent is happening. The chat box can be easily modified and customized to fit the varying needs of the industry in which the business is operating. The plugin has been enabled to monitor the file sharing and the overseeing of chats in real time along with the creation of analytical reports.

The plugin allows the user to add the chat box of their liking at the bottom of every page including the checkout page tab. The plugin allows the users to customize the chat box with the business logo and relevant colors to add an oomph factor to the live chat. The chat box can be incorporated with the rating and share buttons to improve the experience.

It gives leverage to the live chat agents as well as they can see the chat history and even transfer the call to another agent if they don’t feel like handling it themselves. The best thing is that it allows the live chat agents to see what the visitor is typing and come up with a response as soon as the visitor hits the send button (it will improve the speed and efficiency factor). It allows the users to designs answers for the FAQs and searches them up in tags when such questions are asked.

With this plugin, users can easily share the files (sending and receiving both are available during that chat) and come with a wide range of security features which will make sure that security is not compromised in any case such as two-factor authentication and credit card masking. It has a feature which creates the activity report of the last 7 days which allows the owners to have a look at the statistics and make strategies accordingly. This plugin can be integrated with the third-party operators such as Freshdesk, Hubspot, Zendesk, Salesforce, Twitter, and last but not the least; Facebook.

WordPress LiveChat Plugin

WordPress LiveChat Plugin

With this plugin, users can easily chat with the visitors in real and also have access to the maintenance of the chat logs to be sure about every activity. The logs along with the chat history can be sent over the email to review. This plugin allows the users to handle a handful of chat i.e. hundreds of them at the same time. Moreover, the developers understand the fact that no one can keep looking at the same screen, so, it has a notification feature which sends a notification when there is new chat and other than that, agents can work on other things as they seem fit. With this plugin, live chat agents will be able to see the location of the visitor along with the type of browser they are using.

This plugin comes with a wide range of customization options which allows the users to modify the chat box according to their business, preference, and requirements such as header and buttons along with the color modification. In addition to these customization options, width and height of the box can be adjusted, the appearance of text messages, and much more. The live chat agents can receive the notification email on the registered email when there is a chat and whichever agent is online, can take the chat. In any case that no live chat agent is online, visitors can fill out the contact form along with their query to be seen and replied by agents later.

This plugin supports the pushover notifications as well as the translation plugins so that users can send on the chat popups on various website tabs.


This plugin is easy to use, easy to customize, and efficient in working which will allow the users to have an exceptional experience and even rise up the number of sales and loyal customers. The name of the plugin has been named as clever as it brings the user-experience to a highly personal level to ensure satisfaction. With this plugin, visitors will not have to dial the service number or contact through emails as they can quickly sign up for the live chat to have answers to their queries.

The best thing is that it allows the users to link the live chat with Skype, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp as it supports multiple accounts and the time availability can be set easily. The time availability is a revolutionary feature as it tells visitors the time of you being online rather than having them wait for infinity to find out the time to text you. However, the installation of this plugin requires advanced tasks such as coding to ensure effective and efficient running.

WhatsApp Chat Plugin For WordPress

There is no doubt or confusion in the fact that WhatsApp has become the most commonly used mean for the communication and even businesses are now using it to ensure the effective and real-time communication. With this plugin, you can easily add the WhatsApp live chat support to the website along with the incorporation of handy features which allows practicality to the business website and chat support option. With this plugin, tech and web services have been redefined to improve the user experience while seamlessly acclimatizing of various WordPress themes.

The other amazing features that this plugin offers is shortcode, compatibility, time availability, and full translatability. With this plugin, the WhatsApp Live Chat Support will be redefined to an amazing level as 100% customization is available so, just tune into this plugin for your business website and answer the visitor queries like a pro. You can even modify the layout and configuration as you like and what suits the business niche.

This was all about Best Live Chat Website Plugin For WordPress and we hope that you found the plugin according to your business needs. If you have some queries, you can reach out to us through the comment section below and our team will be here to help. If you like the content, share it with your family and friends to help us grow. Thank you!


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