This Young Muslim Woman Went To An Anti-Islam Rally And Took Selfies

This young Muslim woman went to an anti-Islam rally and took a load of selfies

Muslim Expo took place for the third time in Antwerp last weekend. The expo consisted of a lifestyle fair for Muslims, comprising of a few stalls, panel discussions and performances.

Far-right group Vlaams Belang disagreed entirely and protested the fair. Their leader Filip Dewinter called it:

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An apartheid Islamic exchange where segregation is preached instead of integration.

They want only one thing – to expand the pillars of Islam. If you want to know how young people are radicalized, I advise you to visit this exhibition.

Forty protesters stood outside the exhibition center with placards on Saturday, some of whom handed out pork sausages.

Zakia Belkhiri, a young Muslim woman, decided the best way to counter-protest was to exhibit a cornerstone of western culture.

She took a series of selfies in front and among the protesters.

Source: Indy100


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